I just adopted a german shepherd mix around 8-10 months old. Can you recommend any treats he may love receiving during training? He likes milk bones (medium) but I want some small treats to hold in my hand to reward him. Do you know any good alternatives (people food) for when I’ve run out?


  1. Divapom

    I use Nature’s Balance Dog rolls, cut into pieces, or their regular Kibble, or plain cooked chicken.
    There are many ways to train dogs. My belief is that Using treats or toys if that is the dog’s motivation are great for teaching them a behavior. But after they know it, corrections are necessary to proof it. This is just my opinion but it works for me.

  2. Robyn

    i like the roll over chubs that you can buy at any pet store. they are like a chub of salami and you can cut them into what ever size you like. they have agreat scent and my dogs go nuts for it and will try harder during training when i am using this. any dry stuff i find they get bored with. i have used cherrios in the past when i run out of dog treats during training, but again they tent to get bored with that a little to soon

  3. Ban Stupid People Not Dogs!!~~

    Anything small, soft and smelly.. something that they can eat quick.
    The dog trainer that comes into my work uses natural balance dog food roll. She says that it is a great training reward.http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/dogform…
    Also Wellness soft bites… http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/dog_welln…
    These are excellent quality treats so they shouldn’t give your puppy the runs.. and he should absolutely enjoy them.
    You can find them at your local pet specialty store.

  4. Michael Thomas

    That’s awesome, we too have a german shepherd that we adopted because it was beaten and not fed living on a farm. Gracie was about 2 years old when we adopted her but living on a farm was not quite “house broken”.
    German shepherds I can assure you learn very fast. They are such loyal animals too! I had someone recommend me to Charlie Lafave, a world class dog expert when looking to train her. Like I said these dogs learn fast.
    But to your question, lol… On the lens below where I have reviewed the training we have used on our dog gracie, I also found some really unique ways to spoil your dog. In these are some really awesome “home made dog food recipes” that are simple to make and your german shepherd will love.
    You can tell I LOVE my dog, I just figured I would share this with a genuine dog lover too, enjoy!http://www.squidoo.com/top3-dog-training…

  5. Heavy Metal Fonts

    The only “treat” I use when training my dogs is PRAISE. Amazing thing is that you never “run out” of it either.
    I have no interest in training my dogs stomach.
    It becomes a serious issue when your dog goes to run across the street in front of an oncoming car, and darn you don’t have your treats with you or he is just not that hungry.
    Do not join the bunny hugger fold and think your dog has to be bribed to obey.
    My dogs have advanced Obedience titles and not once have they had a cookie for them to learn.
    Follow this link and learn about REALLY training your dog, so that it is reliable and happy.http://www.koehlerdogtraining.com

  6. Nicole C

    We have a german shepherd who is 4.5 months. We work with him and with our trainer. It is best to give them treats that are small and easy to chew. We had bought some small beef cubes that he was okay with. However, he really likes this freeze dried liver treats that Petsmart carries. You can get a medium bag for about $8.00. I combine the treats together in a bag so it is a mixture. The liver treats are easy to break into smaller bites.
    I would find a few different ones and see what he likes. Our trainer told us for training you should use chewy and soft treats rather than crunchy treats since you are wanting them to stay alert in training.

  7. Nnnnn

    You could always just use pieces of his kibble if he likes it. Most dog treats are very high in calories and fat and are just not good for dogs. Most pet stores will carry small treats. You could also use things like cut up beef jerkey or other dried meats (summer sausage and the like).

  8. daa

    Hot dogs or cheese, cut into very small pieces. My dog also likes the salmon Yummy Chummies. (I break each piece into 3 or 4 smaller pieces.) When I’m training, I usually put a mix of hot dogs, cheese, Yummy Chummies, and kibble into the bait bag.

  9. Smartphone Software

    Petsmart sells a brand that has dehydrated chicken, liver and cheese. It’s all natural so it is a healthy alternative to milk bones and they are in small chunks making it easy to use as a treat during training exercises.

  10. Hockey Girl

    U can use meatballs in small pieces. If you want to make your own treats you can cut liver in small pieces and dry in the oven. Dogs love that!

  11. I love mutts but Hate BYBs!

    I actually go to vet and get few bags of free samples of dog’s dry food they are small (royal canin) and kept in my pocket when I go and train my 2 dogs

  12. Ally

    Small pieces of cooked chicken or turkey and cheese in small amounts would be good, maybe even a little bacon.

  13. Kathleen

    My husband slices hotdogs and then microwaves them for a minute. He lets them dry and uses them for training treats.
    I don’t like them for animals OR people because I think they’re far too salty and loaded with chemicals.
    I purchase Benny Bully’s Liver Chops. It’s dried liver cut up into squares. You can snap them into much smaller pieces as well so that you don’t overfeed your animal liver. Dogs and cats both love them. I find them to be low in fat, no preservatives, and an excellent training bait.

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