Is there any safe (non-toxic) and effective way of getting rid of fleas in the home?
My cat picked up fleas and I cannot seem to be able to eliminate those buggers. I tried giving my cat a flea bath, using Frontline Plus, vacuuming very frequently, and had the yard treated for fleas and other bugs, but the fleas still persist.
Are there any other options for dealing with these pests?
I have been hesitant to use many of the flea chemicals because they are toxic and I have small children in the home.


  1. Misty005

    I had an issue with fleas when my children were young. With a little work there is a remedy which was told to me by my pediatrician at the time since I, too, did not want to use heavy chemicals or flea bombs. I have written at article about this giving step by step instructions which involve vacuuming and using a toxic free cleaner. You can read it and try it.
    It worked for me.

  2. Tsunami

    well if you are in texas there is flea stuff in purple can in heb and it is good and there is stuff in home depot for fleas they both work and they are both good but home depot is best if you are doing all that it could be in your rugs at home also but you yourself bring them in when you are outside. they jump on clothes and stuff. you hae to keep spraying and stuff and all you are doing is right nad spraying the house just has to dry and its harmless. it is good to do that every two weeks for wahile and it will go away.take care. i did it and i dont’ have them buggers in my house any more.

  3. HappyCat

    I had the same problem . I went to Home Depot and a worker there recommended by the Laundry Detergent Borax, it’s an all natural detergent. You sprinkle it on your carpet and furniture and let it sit for 24 hours and then vacuum it. It works, no more problems.
    As far as the kitties, try putting a touch of Dawn dishsoap in the flea bath, it will help get rid of the fleas off of them. It WORKED for me believe it or not. It was a tip that was sent to me through e mail.
    Good luck :0)
    I might add we had infestations in our house so badly that we would walk across the carpet and find fleas all over our legs. It was horrible. The Borax and Dawn dishsoap are GREAT

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