we bought a great dog training ebook to train our dog at http://www.alovic.com/dogtraining and got good results but we emailed it to our friends mandy and chuck to train cappie (dauschaund) and they haven’t had anywhere near the success we had. Has anyone else used a manual like this? How well did it work?


  1. Fitness Tips

    If the ptrainers aren’t 100 % consistant i / dedicated it won’t work better to tell them to take the dog to classes
    so they learn how to do things correctly then train their dog

  2. Lauren

    I used something similar. The link is in my Source. What I like about the site I used is that they have plenty of free information and resources to learn from.
    You have to understand there is no silver bullet. You can’t just read a book and have a perfectly behaved dog. But if you implement the tactics and are consistent with your Dog Training, the results can exceed your expectations.
    That’s what I experienced.

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