I am working on training my puppy and I have read that hand signals are more accurate. How exactly does it register to them? How do you train them to respond to hand signals? Any advice would be great!


  1. Hoke

    Well I trained each of my dogs with different words, sounds, and hand signals. It is the same way you use a word, instead you use a hand signal instead. So a hand signal, replaces the word. With one of my dogs, I actually used the sign for the word in sign language, and another dog I used “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” I guess you could do the signal and say the word together, until the dog gets it. Now that I think about it, that is what I did. I said the word come, and signed the word come. Hand signals are great when your dog gets older and doesn’t hear as well. Secrets to Dog Training, by Dog Trainer Expert, Daniel Stevens. It’s a terrific book on how to train dog.
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    I read in alot of training books, to use hand signals first before you use any vocal command, then add the vocal command. I think it works like a method similar as how target training works.
    The only problem I personally have with my dogs is sometimes they will not do a command unless I put the hand signal to it.
    So for example, when I wanted to teach “lay down” I used my first 2 fingers spread open (like making the peace sign) and pointing the fingers down at the ground. When they layed down, I clicked and treated. After a couple days, I added the command “lay down” to the hand signal.
    What I use (but any command used consistently that works for you is just fine): “Sit” is one finger pointed up or a closed fist. “Stay” is palm out and fingers up. “Wait” is two fingers pressed together pointed upward. “come” is arm extended out, hand cupped and move in toward my chest. “Quiet” is my index finger to my lips. “Go to your spot/back off” is my arm extended and finger pointed.

  3. ♥shelter puppies rule♥

    Here is what I’ve done to teach my dogs the basic training with hand signals:
    Sit– when they begin to put their butt on the floor, curl your wrist up towards your face and give the command and treat.
    Down- as they go to lay down, put your hand out flat, palm facing the floor, and slowly push down. When they’re down, command and treat.
    Up– do the reverse of the “down” signal.
    Come– put the dog into a sit and walk away, put one hand with the palm facing towards the dog and lower it to your thigh- the dog should automatically come towards you [as most people pat their thighs to get the dog to come], command and treat.
    It took my dogs around 15 minutes for each hand signal to comprehend and obey without a word or treat following the signal.

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    it is super easy and nice because you can get them to do things while you are talking to other people or trying to be quiet
    You train just like you would for voice. Look around the net for the pictures of signals, they are specific to each command. Sit is an open palm out like “talk to the hand” kind of thing etc.

  5. brooker8

    my dog does sit and lie down with hand signals
    petsmart offers training classes and they use those types of commands. id suggest taking classes.

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