A healthy animal makes for a happy pet. If you are a cat owner and you want to make your pet happy, you need to make sure that your cat is groomed properly, fed on time and is given enough love and attention.Here are some tips on how you can have a healthy and happy cat:1. Take care of your cat’s health.As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your cat is healthy and free from diseases that may even be transmitted to humans.Visit the veterinarian if you notice that your cat has become lethargic or less active than usual.If you see them ‘shedding’ excessively or has something unusual on their coat, immediately consult a professional.Your cat might have a skin disease, or this could be a symptom of a sickness that you do not know about.2. Groom your cat properly.Cats are in the habit of grooming themselves. You will often see them using their tongue to clean their coat.In spite of this, you should still do your part in grooming your cat if you want to keep them really clean.Brush your cat’s fur regularly. There are several short-haired cats that need minimal brushing. For this, you can use a comb with soft bristles.There are also cat breeds which have long, silky furs and this variety needs a much longer grooming time.Use a wide-toothed comb initially then brush up with a fine toothed one afterwards. You can also use talcum powder in order to separate the hair strands.Make sure that you brush with gentle strokes so that their skin will not be hurt or scratched.Cats are also not that fond of taking a bath. But there are times when your cat would need bathing.This is when they have accumulated a lot of dirt on the skin and coat. Bathing will help eliminate ticks and lice.Also, there might be substances that could cling on the fur which can be poisonous and it is important for them to bathe.When bathing your cat, use a shampoo that is specially made for cats. Do not be tempted to use your shampoo because of the great smell…it could have adverse effects on your cat’s skin and fur. Prepare the following before bathing:-a small tub or sink-slip-proof mat-water spray attachment-clean, dry towels-shampoo-combAdjust the water temperature, then place your cat in the small tub or sink before filling it up with water. It is better to attach a sprayer in the faucet rather than pouring water directly onto its body. Apply a liberal amount of shampoo on the cat’s body, and try to avoid the face, especially the eyes and ears.After rinsing, towel them dry and comb the coat. Bathing time should build trust and create some quality time between you and your pet cat.This should prevent your cat from making much of a fuss the next time it needs a bath.Another part of grooming is keeping the eyes, teeth and ears clean. Also remember to keep the paws clean and the nails trimmed. Most cats can’t tolerate dirty paws and will lick them clean but they can’t yet trim their own nails.Go to a pet store and you are sure to find products specially made to clean the eyes, teeth and ears. You can also look for a nail trimmer specifically designed to use on your pet cat.Ask a professional groomer or a veterinarian so that you can learn how to properly clean your cat’s eyes, ears, teeth and nails.3. Feed them on time.Another aspect of keeping your cat happy and healthy is by feeding them well and on time.Your feline friends can learn how to “stick” to a schedule with your guidance and training.Make time in your busy day to feed them.Along with homemade and natural cat food, you should give them plenty of clean water to drink.If you have a lot of pet cats, give them individual feeding plates.If there is just one dish, other cats might not be fed well because dominant felines will take the most part of the food that you serve. And a lot of cats are too finiky to eat after another one.3. Shower them with love and attention.By giving your cats your undivided attention while grooming and feeding them, you are already showering them with love and attention.In addition to this, make their play time a lot more fun by appreciating the things that they do.By following these tips, you are sure to have a healthy cat and be a contented owner.Save your cat’s health and his life!

Lynne Gordon
I am striving to save the world – one person, one cat and one dog at a time.

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