Hi yahoo answers how much will be the cost to do dog training and also mention the programs available to make my dog as service dog…


  1. Bitto

    Group classes at a local community center, dog daycare or pet store usually cost from $40 to $125 or more for four to eight weekly one-hour sessions. Puppy classes usually cost less than adult dog classes or classes specifically geared toward dogs with behavior issues. Private classes with a trainer, which could be at the client’s home or at the trainer’s place of business, usually cost from $30 to $100 per hour-long session — so about $240 to $600 for six sessions. Dog obedience boarding schools usually cost from $950 to $2,500 or more for two to four weeks of board-and-train, where the dog lives at the trainer’s home or at a boarding kennel and receives hours of one-on-one attention daily.

  2. Jeannette W

    It generally takes a minimum of 120 hours of professional training by an experienced service dog trainer to get a dog to the level required to be able to function reliably as a service dog in public. Some dogs take longer. For some dogs, no reasonable amount of work will ever make the dog into a good service dog. Be prepared for the fact that you might spend a whole lot of money and still not have a functional service dog.
    Find an experienced trainer in your area and get a quote. In the Southeast, where I live, this could cost you anywhere from 6 – 12 thousand dollars.
    As I mentioned in my answer to your other question about getting your dog trained, check out Assistance Dogs International
    for accredited programs. http://www.assistancedogsinternational.o…
    Sometimes, service organizations like the Lion’s Club will sponsor you and help with fundraising for a program dog if you can demonstrate a legitimate need, although they usually will NOT fund training for a dog you already own, due to the fact that they can sink money into the dog and not be guaranteed of getting you a working dog at the end of the process.

  3. Loving Paws

    If you get a dog from an organization most of the time it’s free. They’re not-for-profit organizations so they have donations that provide free dogs to people who need them. But of course, there are many such places and the policy will likely vary by organization. The majority of these provide dogs for the sight impaired. A few have dogs for hearing-impaired and handicapped people. I think there might be one or two for people with seizures. I recommend you contact a couple that interest you that are closest to your home.
    Nowadays there are many kinds of assistance dogs. What kind were you looking in to? You can also train your own assistance dog. I’m not sure if there are any programs out there for helping people cover the expenses for this (like getting the right equipment). I know there are a few good books and videos about training your own assistance dog, though. BUT, like I said on your previous question, Service dogs are legally defined as dogs trained to mitigate the disability of their handler.

  4. Diana

    Hey there
    Normally its around the $60-$70 mark but on this site you can do it for $30 dollars, Which is a very good price . What I gained from the site was a very vast knowledge of Dog training and I was very happy with there services.
    Good luck hunny xxx

  5. ♥Mustard

    for group lessons it will probly be arounfd the 60-70 dollar mark for say 6-8 lessons
    try finding pounds around your area that may have info on the training clubs inthe area good luck

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