Does anyone know the websites where I can get reliable dog trainings tips and suggestions.. And also tell me some of the books where I can learn about basic dog trainings…


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    Catch hold of the ultimate guide that warns you against the 68 deadliest dog food ingredients that could be killing your pet dog this very moment.68 Dog Food Ingredients To Die For shatters all your misconceptions about commercial dog food and shows you the truth behind them. Order this handy e-book right away to save your dog’ life. Dog Training Secrets is just what your need to transform your dog from a disobedient, stubborn to dog to a well behaved dog who will amaze your friends and neighbors. Order this e-book right away and see results from day one!

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    Hi you could take a look at there are lots of tips there as well as a a free 6 day training ebook that you can sign up for and a download of 5 dog training myths.
    There are plenty of dog training books out there the ebook Secrets to Dog Training is very good and has helped in excess of 60,000 people to successfully train their dogs.
    I would also suggest that you at books/DVds by Dr Ian Dunbar, he is a vet and an extraordinary trainer.

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