i have a dog who needs some training… me too… and i am away for a week and struggling to find someone to take care of her, any idea how much a week in the kennels might be and the rough cost of training sessions


  1. Osborn

    in UK the cost of kennels is about £12-£15 per day. home boarding is from about £16 per day and for that your dog is in somebody’s home. this may be less stressful than kennels. home and pet sitting is from about £35 per day.
    With regards to training i suggest you look for a trainer that is registered with the association of pet dog trainers. Secrets to Dog Training, by Dog Trainer Expert, Daniel Stevens. It’s a terrific book on how to train dog.

  2. MaryKate

    k petsmart (where my dog has graduated 🙂 )
    120.00 for 2 months, per level.
    she has learned so much!
    also, i board my dog at my vet. (they offer it)
    and thats 36 dollars a day. which is fine. plus theyre under the supervision of a vet! so if anything happens they can care for her.
    id ask around tho, see what prices fit for you

  3. rescue member

    Varies greatly = only way to know is to call around and ask.
    I would advise you to be very careful about where you leave your dog, however. Ask your vet, groomers, trainers, etc. for references and then go in person to check out the kennel.

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