i watch cesar on tv-that makes sense, i’ve read many books on”positive only” approaches-that makes sense too. i have tried both clicker training and cesar’s way. i feel very confused. and opinions are strong and dogmatic(no pun intended) in both “camps”. meanwhile, my dog still has problems. one “way” seems to work for some things, another for others.


  1. Kip's Mom *** ***

    Really – it depends on the dog! There is no right way for every dog. Personally – I use positive only when first training a new skill (or for something like agility), but corrections (which can be as simple as not getting the toy or treat) when proofing the behaviour.

  2. ..

    I would try one way only. Positive only is really the best because your puppy wants to please you. Clicker training works really well and that is what i am using to train my puppy right now. Your dog is probably confused because you are using two different ways… If you are having troubles training your puppy try enrolling your puppy in some puppy training classes. I enrolled my puppy in the PetSmart training and i think it is awesome! Not only do you learn more about puppies and how to train properly but your puppy will get introduced to other puppies and it is a good thing to get your puppy socialized with other puppies! My puppy used to be scared to death of other puppies but thanks to PetSmart’s training course he loves other puppies and constantly wants to play with them!

  3. tlctreec

    Each dog is different and each person is as well. You have to try a few methods and use what works for you.
    Every person may or may not be comfortable doing things one way. I use a combination of things.
    Some of the positive only stuff but for certain things I find that it does not work well and then I use something more along the lines of Cesar Millans methods. His ways work very well with behavior modification training.
    I train upland bird dogs for hunting and field trails as well as working with behavior modification training mostly with Dobermans.
    I have learned tips and tricks from many sources and when I go and work with a client and their pet I try to give them several options and allow them to use what they are most comfortable with and what works for them.
    There is not really one best way. Be open and take bits and pieces from any method that works. Tweak them to fit your needs.
    Remember to have fun and enjoy life with your pet.

  4. Talltail

    It all depends on you and your dogs. I use both positive dog training methods and clicker training methods. Both have always worked very well for me. I get my hands on any dog training book I can find, and I use whatever methods make the most sense to me. Also, my family members also use positive/clicker dog training and it’s always worked for them. I think Cesar tends to lean more towards punishment and outdated methods. But that’s my opinion. Keep reading books and try different methods out for yourself!

  5. AJ

    There are always a few basic ways to approach dog training. e.g. whenever any dog does something bad, say NO, forcefully and it is usually accompanies with a hit (not very hard, more like a forceful pat) on the head. Then stuff like sit and lie down is pretty much common sense. For sit you pull the leash back over the dogs head and lie down, you pull the leash down when the dog is sitting down.
    But remember to always praise the dog as much as possible and if you are going to punish it, do so immedietly after it did something to deserve being punished; otherwise the dog would not know what it was being punished for.

  6. Mutt for the Truth

    That’s the wonderful thing about training – you can choose any which way you want that works with your dog, or you can choose multiple ways. You don’t have to stick to one method so long as what your are doing with the dog in not confusing for the animal and is consistent.
    For example – Cesar Millan. I do not approve of many methods (alpha roll) and his methods may not be best for all people.
    BUT i use several of his methods that make sense – like setting rules/boundaries/limitations that my dog must follow at all times, exercise daily, consistency, i use touch when voice and smell (calling name and waving treat) does not work, and so on.
    Yet at the same time i PRAISE with TREATS (as opposed to his method of just relaxing and letting that be the dogs reward) when obedience training, as well as using play or being with the family as a reward for good behavior.
    See what i mean? I mix and match and use what my dog responds to best. For example: My dog loves other dogs but gets WAY too excited. She will not take treats because she is too excited, so the only way i can reward her is by being calm and letting her go over when SHE is calm.

  7. Ang

    The best approach is one that works for you and your dog. One way of training doesn’t work for everyone or every dog. It helps if your dog enjoys training. Make it fun, a game, rewards and praise help and tend to get you further than hitting and yelling. Be patient, if this is the first time you’ve trained your dog you are learning WITH your dog. If you can find a club that trains and your interested in, join it. It’s easier to learn from a group of people that have been in your shoes, they can give you tips as your working with your dog… pointers on what might work that you haven’t tried. Most of all, do what works for you and the dog as I said before and be patient!

  8. wishnuwe

    You are absolutely right. One way works for some things, and other ways work for other issues. I use different words, sounds, and commands for each of my dogs. If a command isn’t working, I switch to something that gets that dogs attention. They all train at their own pace too. You just have to do the best you can, and sometimes it seems like you have trained on an issue a million times before the dog gets it, but you can’t quit.

  9. esquedas

    Most of the time, We are using the wrong tecnic, the wrong aprouch at the wrong problem.You need to take your dog with an Animal Behaivorist. Too much information is Too much !. I ussually have to be around the dog and the owner when things happens, look for the moment when things happens and study how happens, becuse for your can be normal to sit at the sofa in the mean time, in the other room your dog is getting in trouble trying to get the garabage AND YOU CAN’T SEE IT!!!!.

  10. BYBs cause suffering and death

    It depends on the dog AND on the trainer. You need to decide which methods you are comfortable with and get the results you want.

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