I have two 5 year old boxers. One of them is crazy (in a way only another boxer owner could understand lol) but the other is calm and is a complete sweet heart. I think she would make a perfect therapy dog.
where should i to go to start the proper training so she is an official therapy dog ?


  1. Kirsten R

    The top three therapy dog programs in the U.S. are:http://deltasociety.orghttp://tdi-dog.orghttp://therapydogs.org
    You could check with those organizations to see if there are any classes or evaluations scheduled in your area, or if there are any active chapters in your area.
    If you know what facilities you’d like to visit check with them to see what they require. Some require registration with a certain organization and/or liability insurance, and some simply want a CGC certificate and proof of vaccination. Each facility is different, and regardless of whether a dog is registered as a therapy dog you’d still have to have the facility’s permission before visiting so you might as well save time and get whatever credentials the facility wants in the first place.
    Your local pet store, veterinarian, dog trainers, dog club, and even the folks at the dog park may have information about local therapy groups.

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