After many months of struggling to keep our dog on our property I’m at my wits end. He is impossible to keep tied and an invisible fence was useless. Does anyone have any tips on training him to stay in the yard. My daughter loves this dog and i would hate to have to get rid of him because of this.


  1. Michele

    He will need constant supervision while he is outside. If you can’t be outside all the time he is, put up a kennel that he can not jump or dig out of.

  2. Bozema

    You really can’t train them to stay reliably without supervision – it’s an unrealistic goal and in many places it’s illegal to have unsecured dog. We have a yard that cannot be fully fenced so we created a fenced run in one area for our dogs. Nothing else works but a solid fence.

  3. winterru

    Did you use Invisible Fence or one of the other brands of electronic fence? Invisible Fence is the only brand worth installing. Your other option is a traditional fence. Make sure its tall enough to hold him. and that he won’t be able to dig under it

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