We have a 5 month old Malinois, who can reach the counter tops now, and looks for tidbits. We have tried using the command “floor” and he knows it, and sometimes listens. Does anyone have any good tips for getting him not to try and rob the counter tops in the first place ?


  1. Amanda R

    If you are there, it’s just a matter of watching him. When he jumps up, tell him floor, but give him a treat when he is on the floor. Instil that staying on the ground is what he wants to do for treats, not jumping on the counter. Make sure all edibles or fun items are pushed as far back on the counter as they can, or stash things in the stove or microwave when they are not in use to keep them protected. Every time he does get something good from the counter, it is 2 steps back for every one step up you make.
    You could also put a gate up in the kitchen door way to just keep him out of the kitchen until he has a better feel for his boundaries, and less curiosity to get up on the counter. A booby trap, may also help you keep him off. Something just like empty aluminum cans stacked to fall, or pots and pans that will clatter together as he puts his feet on the edge may be enough to spook him from jumping up, as long as he doesn’t turn these into toys. There are “traps” that let out a screech or spray when it senses motion near it, but those may be too extreme. An interactive toy too, toys made to keep food or treats in that make a puzzle for dogs to get out, may keep his interest in something else.

  2. Josh

    Basically dogs will do whatever behavior gets rewarded. So, as the above poster said, have your dog do a good behavior in place of the counter and be sure to reward it.
    Punishing, yelling, and screaming alone doesn’t work at all!

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