1. moof

    Alpo? To be honest, I can’t blame them for turning their noses up at it. It’s a pretty low-quality food. For instance, here are unbiased reviews of two Alpo varieties:……
    Anyhoo, how are you giving the hot dog? Dogs don’t need large treats, so cut the hot dog into tiny pieces. You can get literally sixty little treats from one hot dog, at least!
    Try using plain meat. A chicken breast cut into tons and tons of tiny pieces goes a long way, and most dogs love chicken!
    You can also try using string cheese.

  2. Aduial

    It’s actually not that expensive to do hotdogs. Just get the cheapest ones, cut them into small pieces and use that. I’m a trainer and that’s what we use, especially for dogs that are high treat motivated. If not then find some other healthy treat that she likes.

  3. Waterbur

    we used training biscuits, they are tiny biscuits so the dog doesn’t have to stop to eat one.
    petsmart sells them for 399 a bag

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