I don’t believe it’s possible. I have a two year old, and a 4 month old puppy. When the child hands the dog food… the dog sees that as an offering. Should the dog be put up everytime the child eats to avoid this issue? Should the child learn NOT to feed the dog? Or is it possible at all to train the dog not to take food from his hand???


  1. Divapom

    Train the Child not to feed the dog. If you cannot control your child sneaking food to the dog, putting the dog up will not hurt anything. It is much better than the dog learning to beg from the table.
    It is natural for a dog to eat what is offered by another member of it’s “pack”
    Having the dog take treats (food) from your hand when offered is a valuable training tool.

  2. Sitegrinder

    You absoultely can train a dog not to take food from any hand– but you have to make sure its ANY hand
    They do it all the time with police dogs- they are trained not to accept food with out a release word from the handler.
    You will have to be the trainer, of course. Start out by putting a single yummy treat in your hand, and letting the dog see that you have it. Then close your hand over it- allow the dog to maul and lick at your hand- do not say anything. When he has stopped mauling your hand, open your hand, DROP THE TREAT ON THE FLOOR and give him a release word (OK) and let him have the treat
    Repeat several times, until the puppy is not mauling your hand at all, but waiting for you to drop the treat first.
    Then do the same thing with the hand open- as soon as he reaches for the food- close your hand– wait till he gives up– drop the treat– release and praise
    Work on this every day until he no longer expects to be given treats by hand from anyone.
    DO NOT PUNISH THE DOG FOR TAKING FOOD– just reward him for choosing to use self control
    Good Luck

  3. Shadow

    You want the dog to be able to take food from your hand. A lot of times it is recommended to hand feed them some food so that they do not become food-aggressive. And generally treats are given by hand.
    I would think it is more reasonable to teach the child that the dog doesn’t get table food (the wrong food could send the puppy to the vet). You could try putting the dog away when the child is eating, but that doesn’t really teach either of them anything.

  4. diana o

    you need to teach your dog the Take It and Leave It commands, what you do is put a treat on the floor and have another treat in your hand. Do not let him eat the treat on the floor, tell him to Leave It if he leaves it you reward him with the treat in your hand by saying Take It. This requires 5mins a day of training, it really does work if you spend the time training him, it’s actually a wonderful command, when we go out for a walk and they start sniffing around anything I just say Leave It and they walk away (without giving them treats now) with just a little basic training you and your dog will both be happy, P.S. love him lots

  5. Dan B

    If the food is hunman food than the dog shouldn’t be able to have it anyway but if you wanted to train your puppy not to, then put a distasteful substance or liquid like lemon juice or something (nothing harmful) on the food and offer it to your dog. It will take it and realise it is bad tasting. After a while it won’t want to take the food from your child.

  6. Launi *Stand By Your Pit*

    Well, if this was my situation I would teach the child not to offer a 4 month old puppy food. To teach a puppy/dog not to take food from a human’s hand is very involved and specific training. If you do it wrong, you can end up with a hand shy dog.
    Easier and better to teach the child.

  7. Rotten Rotts

    Of course its possible. The child should not be feeding the dog at all.
    You shouldn’t have them on the same level when the kid is eating and all you have to do is teach the dog to back off, and no begging when any humans are eating.
    You can teach a dog to only take food from one person

  8. find public records

    Teach the child, and the dog.
    Don’t start just at meal times. Have the child offer the dog food (with you there), and correct the dog when it starts to take it. It can be done – but it will be easier to teach the child not to feed the dog.

  9. Rebecca Y

    DO NOT let the dogs eat from your hands anymore. soon enough, they wont eat from the bowl. some dogs cant breathe while they eat if the bowl is too deep so if they dont eat from the bowl, thats why.

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