I have a 1 1/2 year old daschund and she only gets along with the two other dogs we have. When ever i take her out around other dogs she gets scared and wont play and sometimes bears her teeth at other dogs. She even growls and gets mad at a baby puppy i brought home to foster when it gets near her, how do i train her to be nice with new dogs?


  1. no qf

    This may require desensitization and unless you are experienced this usually means consulting with a professional behaviorist to set up a program that will be successful. Some dogs simply do not like non-family dogs – they view them as intruders.

  2. blue13

    well you could get a trainer and or ask one but maybe take your dog to one of those enclosed dog parks and let her be wether she’s sitting alone or growling just don’t let her start bitting other dogs. and after everytime she get’s along with another dog give her a treat right away and say she’s a very good girl, but if she’s bad then give her a little spank but not to hard:) that’s how i taught my dog to walk without a leash! good luck! also if she doesn’t obey you i’ve heard some owners pinch or bite the tip of a dog’s ear and they automatically know youre the boss i just don’t have the guts to do it to my dog:)

  3. Ms. Obvious

    I’d suggest an obedience class with a good trainer. That way, she’ll learn basic commands and learn how to be around and be social with other dogs.

  4. ?

    Avoiding other dogs is not the answer. It will only make them worse. Remember that if you get nervous because you know that your dog might growl, your dog will sense that.
    If you have friends that have dogs I would ask them for help. Slowly introduce your dog to theirs, and maybe have some play dates. Bringing treats also work well to quickly reward good behavior. It might also keeps your dogs mind off of the other dogs.

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