I want to use my dog in a show where he has to perform a magic trick.
He already is an “acting dog” so he is easy and willing to be trained.
I dont know any magic tricks though – does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Jason Homan

    There is no one size fits all in training dogs. They are as individual as people are and their needs are different as well as their willingness to respond. I’ve read soo many books on dog training and I have found that if I take a little bit from this one and a little from that one as it pertains to my own dog and her problems both of us benefit. He learns the altered behavior I am seeking and I learn what triggers he need to exhibit this undesirable behavior as well as how to help he control them. We have an understanding, he and I.
    To do magic tricks? …there is no 1 way or magic trick…training is a great way to train a dog.
    Jason Homan

  2. blind_ra

    Scrub? wow that’s original. Yes I am in management in entertainment, but in the market I’m in it doesn’t exactly pay that great. I work alot and have better things to do than do magic tricks with my dog. If you’re gonna teach that dog any magic you should teach him to make you disappear. That way he can do something to benifit the rest of us in the world.

  3. BYBs cause suffering and death

    I used to say that my dog could tell the difference between a $5 and a $20. Of course, I would only touch the one I wanted her to pick up, she simply used scent discrimination to tell which one I wanted.

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