My friend has a small terrier that has a habit of pulling when on a leash and trying to go after people and bark at other dogs. She has a pinch collar and it hurts the dog and she yelps when it is used on her. What is a good training aide to help teach her to walk properly on a leash. I suggested a Halti but does anyone have any other suggestions?


  1. rjn529

    The type of collar or training aide really does not matter, it’s a question of training, not what is used.
    Get her enrolled in a good obedience class. This will help with the lunging at people, get the dog comfortable and obedient around other dogs and distractions, and also teach your friend how to properly train the dog.
    In the meantime, when she is out walking, if the dog gets to pulling too much, or gets too focused on another dog or person, turn and walk in a different direction – never let the dog get the control. If the person is consistently turning and bringing the dog with her, then the dog will start to pay more attention as she does not know where the owner is going to go next.
    A halti, gentle leader, or any other collar may work, but it’s more important to train the dog, as the dog may or may not be on the “right” collar and needs to know they have to listen regardless of the type of collar used.

  2. Bob

    With respect, I would recommend you read a couple of books, or watch some videos on raising and training dogs. Keep an eye out for Cesar Millan, “The Dog Whisperer,” who also has a TV show on National Geographic. There is also a daily show on Animal Planet called “It’s me or the Dog,” with Victoria Stillwell. Both programs are very instructive and often discuss issues that you mention. Best wishes.

  3. Rocket Spanish

    I am a certified dog trainer, my first choice would be a pinch collar. But if you are saying the dog yelps, you can also buy a pinch collar that has little rubber tips on the pinch part. Or you can you a harness, that has the attachment in the front on the dogs chest, not on the back. Also they do sell nylon choke collars. Those are all good collars. Also the leash should be rather short, short enough so that the dog walks directly at the foot, and can not got forward or backwads. if you have any further questions feel free to email me at

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