Our old neighbors moved last year, the previous owners had a golden retrever that played with our golden lab freely. Our dog was never trained to stay in our yard to that side because the dogs just played. Now we have new neighbors and we are trying to keep her in our yard she is fine as long as we are standing outside with her (she wants to be with us) however as soon as she goes outside she heads right over there. (I personally think she wants to go play with the dog that no longer lives there). She does return when we call her, but she looks like we are torturing her. Telling her to “stay close” will keep her nearby but she still wants to go over there. So should I walk her there and tell her no or just keep calling her back?
Please realize that we live in a private area and nobody leashes their dogs. If we are going to have her outside alone she is either leashed on the porch or put into her kennal. FYI she is 6-years-old and was “rescued/adopted” at 14 months.


  1. RIP pepper

    get a fence is all i could say that can help here
    itll be tough training your dog but possible.
    every time she goes over to the other yard scream eh! and get her attention. eventually eh! will ba all you need to say and she will come back and will get used to staying in the yard

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    While you may live in a private area and do not leash your dog, you may want to use a long tie out if you want it to stay in your yard that bad. The tie out can help show her how far she can go. My dogs always go out on tie outs because the last thing I would ever want to happen is for them to see something and take off. No matter how much a dog loves you there are some things that they love more (rabbits, kids,) They now only go as far as their lease on the rare occasion they make it out the door before I get them hooked up.
    There is nothing wrong with a 30 foot tie out for a dog. Its a matter of safety.

  3. hanksimo

    You’re going to have to re-train her and I don’t know of an easy, gentle method.
    1. Make friends with the neighbors, so they don’t mind.
    2. Get an invisible fence, and bury the wire between the yards
    3. Run a temporary electric eye or Deer detector and connect it to a noise maker or water gun.
    4. Walk into the other yard and if she follows, shake a penny can at her.
    5. Have the neighbors shake a penny can at her for about a week.
    Hope one of these will help

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