I live in utah and I am interested in getting my dog involved in therapy work. Where do I start? What organization should I go through? any other tips or advice? thanks!


  1. video bot

    Where in Utah?
    Give my daughter a call at “The Urban Pet” (e-mail me for the number) She has been through the process with a couple of dogs.

  2. Bobbie L

    Contact your dog’s breeder. He/she can refer you to your local kennel club. They can refer you to a person who will test your dog for suitablity. Once the dog passes this test, then you can join Therapy Dogs Inc. For a small fee, they will provide you with the insurance you’ll need in case your dog should have a problem, such as a bite, or whatever.

  3. Erika ♥♥ Luv My Labs ♥♥

    I just took part in a TDI test and it was wonderful! Find a local obedience club and speak with them. Generally, it’s good manners. For example, sit/stay; how they react around loud noises, childern, medical equipment; can they “leave it” and not grab things to eat off the floor, etc.
    The website below lists all of the requirements plus all upcoming testing
    Good luck!

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