My dog has been trained to go potty outside, however when the weather is really bad, (ice storm right now) I would love to train her to go on pee pee pads. How can I do this without confusing her? She never goes inside, so it may be a bit hard.


  1. zen

    As icky as this seems…I have a young pup…I smear a tiny bit of poop on it and when she peed on the floor, I’d soak up a tad of that. It worked. Your doggy goes outside, so try bringing a little of that to the great indoors,

  2. JL

    Maybe you can try putting him in a crate in the mean time? Now if you can’t stand to see him like that, you can keep your puppy in a gated area of your house–kitchens work well–that’s small enough she won’t want to mess up her living space.
    You can also keep your puppy with you as you move around the house, on a leash attached to your belt. But you’ll need to keep a close eye on your puppy to make sure she doesn’t eliminate inside or chew on anything she’s not supposed to.
    Check out this link for some more tips on how to go about this. goodluck!

  3. Rayven ~ Life's a B

    Just take her outside as quick as possible and come back in. Do not start her down the path that its ok to go in the house, even on pee pads.

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