What is your opinion on training your dog to attack? Do you think it is usefull or a recipe for disaster?


  1. swarovski rhinestones

    Most people who do it don’t know what they’re doing, so for them it’s a total mess.
    For others who know what they’re doing, it’s really awesome. The dogs love it and it’s good for both the dog and the trainer.
    I dunno, it’s all about the dog and who’s training it.

  2. oregano1

    I think it is a recipe for disaster and a huge liability and insurance nightmare. Dogs can sense your fear and will often defend a much-loved owner from perceived danger. You don’t need to train a dog to defend you in dangerous situations, just love your dog, spend time with it, develop a bond, and socialize it properly. Even the little pug I had growing up, who was the sweetest, most even tempered dog ever, loving and playful to everyone, would defend me if he sensed that I was very afraid of someone who was behaving in a threatening manner. Granted, the pug was not a very effective defender, but you get the picture.

  3. Iggy's In Montana, Few Weeks

    Disaster if not properly trained, with the wrong person, the dog may just attack without being cued to do so.
    any dog should not be trained to attack, a good guard dog is one thing, but to train any breed for attack purposes is wrong.
    of course, the police and military do this, but it is done correctly and safely…….and not abusive to the dogs to do so, they take their time and love to train the dogs….. we have a friend at the Air Base in San Antonio in the K-9 section as a trainer, and have been able to watch the tactics, no dog is mistreated to be trained.
    a lot of people, think attack dogs should be vicious and are trained the wrong way, and this makes the dog even more dangerous.

  4. Kelly + Eternal Universal Energy

    I wouldn’t do it personally.. I’ve always wondered about that, I mean I know that my dogs name is Jasper, but if I say Casper he reacts almost the same, my dog Girls usually thinks I am talking to her when I call Pearl my cat.. so what if your dog mistook one word for an attack command?? I mean it could end in disaster.. Think about it.. Say you taught your dog “Get him” and then one day you told someone go ahead “Pet him” and the dog thought you said Get him?? Not cool..
    Personally I think that my dogs would defend me if they needed too, it’s not something I would like to teach them to do on command.. just in case.

  5. Your Highness

    I think it’d be useful. If someone ever broke in to my house or tried to rob me while I was walking her, it would definetly come in handy, because I know she wouldn’t attack the guy by herself, she’s too sweet for that. I don’t think she even knows how to be mean.
    She does know the command “attack” but all that means to her is jump on my brother and bite his pant legs. He knows she’s playing, but if I told her to “attack” a guy robbing me and she did that, I’m sure he would freak out and run away (and then she’d chase him, because she’d think he’s still playing 😛 ) She’s a huge lab/rottweiler mix too, so she’d be pretty scary

  6. .

    It should only be done in the hands of a professional. There are just too many things that could go wrong with a novice. Personal protection is not something to mess around with.
    For example, some people mistakenly teach their dogs things that trigger a bite. Like maybe every time they are about to give the dog a bite, they pat it on the back. What if you are in a real life situation and you pat your dog on the back for praise and it thinks you are asking it to attack?
    A law suit.

  7. tone22

    i can definatly see the pros and cons to both sides, first off what are people haveing to do to their dogs to make them attack in the first place? and for example what if your telling someone about your dogs new ‘trick’ and he attacks the person your talking to by accident?
    but then again if someone is robbing your house or is a real threat to you i can see how it would be a good thing.
    but personally i would never want to teach my dog to do that.

  8. Schatzi

    I don’t think it’s useful for 99% of the population, because they will not get the proper training.
    If you need protection, get a security system.

  9. ilovedog

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  10. ~*Twilight Star*~

    its useful. It works for me anyway. I had someone try to mug me and my dog launched into action when I said that special word in japanese. he was a lean mean bitting machine, he is always so sweet so I was shocked seeing so much teeth and growling barks.
    **Edit** to he kitty pictured person, sorry for got your name lol. Normally the attack command is said in a different language so that cant happen. I have a shiba Inu hence the reason I took japanese. but that is a good answer to how they mistake words. I never thought of that!

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