My father currently trains assistant dogs for the physically disabled out of his home for free. We are in desperate need of a facility- so I am looking for ideas of how to raise money and how to get our organization known. Any ideas will be helpful.


  1. hanksimo

    Take an especially good dog and make an appointment to talk with the Mayor, some local kennels, stores like PetsMArt, the local newspaper, the local TV and radio stations for publicity.
    You can also find a cute little child that has an assistant dog and ask her to help by being a spokesperson… just like Jerry Lewis does.
    You might offer to ‘donate’ time on the weekends to train dog owners for $100/dog for the life of the dog in the Facility. Train the owners to teach simple obedience and to learn the positive methods of Ian Dunbar. This could be coordinated with all adoption centers, Humane Society, Pound, ASPCA, and Vets… because proper training is almost as important as neutering. IN this way, these organizations might be more interested in helping to set up the facility. … Or you might be able to share an existing facility.
    But talking to lots and lots of people, and getting visibility is the key to raising money.

  2. steve

    Try putting on some sort of demo. $2-5 per person to come and learn about what it is you do and see what the dogs are capable of. People always wanna help the cause, and everyone loves dogs.

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