I am doing research and am trying to locate the top problems that owners have with their dogs. I would imagine that housebreaking, etc would be on the list…but I am looking for a survey that details what dog owners state as their most common problems.


  1. moosefam

    Check this site out, you may have to do a bit of reading but I found it to be very informative on dog behaviour issues…
    1 .Dog Aggression
    2 .Dog Barking
    3 .Dog Jumping Up
    4 .Dog Digging
    5 .Dog Running Away
    6 .Dog Marking
    7 .Dog Whining
    8 .Dog Chewing
    9 .Dog Nipping
    10 .Dog Fear of Noise
    Hope this helps

  2. JR

    Unless a dog is vicious the problem usually is the fault of the owner. The trainers inability to train is the One and only training problem

  3. jbug742

    Chewing on furniture, eating things on the floor, eating food too quickly, jumping on people, begging for food

  4. God sent Cathy 57

    1. potty training is easy if you create or kennel a puppy and take it out every few hours to relieve itself.
    2. A dog that won’t come to you when called (this is a dangerous for people and the dog’s safety
    3. Leash training is a must with every dog when outside the home.
    start this early in life 2 months up
    4.dog chewing on things you don’t want them too. Replace with a toy chew toys and take the stuff you don’t want the dog to chew on put away or up high This chewing could last a year
    5. dogs digging in yard or flower beds. He is bored. Exercise him more
    6 People in the home have to be the alfa pack leader of the dog and everyone discipline the same way. Do not hit the dog ever
    7. Fine time for play time with him Dogs want to be with you Don’t just put him a yard and forget him
    8. discourage dogs from barking all the time unless he is warning you about something. There are plenty of things to by to discourage this. Make your dog a good neighbor
    9. If not breeding spay or neuter as this stops aggressiveness and settle the dog earlier in life
    10.Biting dogs are not to be around people without a muzzle on and is in need of special training earlier in its life too.

  5. goldigge

    i have 2 dogs & there mom died so i have bottle feed them (ever 2 hrs) since they were 2 days old, they will be 2 on march 31st. the female (Angel)always tries to lick you, they really understands things we say to them,since the only dog they ever were around is my daughters dog Rocky so that wasnt much.Any way Angel is now starting to put a bone or oa piece of a stuffed animal in her mouth & then she cant lick you!!

  6. thankyou Jesus SFECU

    Bad manners, no training, barking all the time, eating too much, chasing the cat, jumping up on people.
    Don’t know what else. I train my dogs to not do this stuff, so I don’t know what other people experience.

  7. Personality test

    As a long time dog trainer (over 50 years) the most common problem I encounter by far are dogs that have been YELLED AT.
    The second most common problem is owners teaching their dog non-common commands. (if the owner uses the word “back” for recall the word cannot be used for casting.)

  8. dragonwo

    i’m not a trainer presay i have worked however with shelter dogs along time.
    1.owners do not take leadership role. this causes many of the problems.
    2. not behaving on leash…pulling or just afraid of the leash even
    3.aggression problems with other dogs
    4.chewing up everything in site
    5. house breaking
    6.food aggression that is left untreated
    7.don’t listen at all to come, sit, stay, down.or only listens when the dog wants to(owners fault)
    8.dogs that are beat as training have more problems then i can think of…but fear aggression is one big one it mean the dog could lash out any giving time with out warning.
    9.dog running out the door when its opened…had a stray do this a few times and he would not come when called.
    10.jumping on guests licking them
    but all of those go back to poorly trained owners who think training is done with in a few days not over months and some years…
    if ppl took alittle more time or got a trainer there would be less dogs turned in for behavior problems.

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