1. Karen

    Training a hunting dog takes alot of time and alot of effort from the person training the hunting dog. The training of a hunting dog should start the same way as any dog being trained. ***It should start right from when the dog is a puppy.Exposing your dog to loud noises should have been done before it is 12 weeks old.!!!! You may find at a year old,it will be very difficult.***
    A hunting dog should be fully trained before being taken out to hunt and also make sure the hunting dog is fully trained before the actual hunting season. The hardest part about training a hunting dog is that the owner usually wants to use the dog for hunting and also want the dog to be the family pet.
    The dog should be trained using basic obedience commands first such as sit, stay and whoa. The dog should be trained to respect the owner. Getting a dog to respect and obey you is done through being gentle, kind and using disipline when needed.(not smacking!!) By using these commands when training your hunting dog will help in your dog looking forthe game your hunting for rather than you having to end up looking for your hunting dog.
    A hunting dog should be taught to hunt from scent rather than being trained to hunt by their eye sight to hunt for game because a hunting dog may not always be able to see the game but they can always be taught to smell for the game.
    Hunting dogs should also be taught to focus on the commands that their owner is giving them.
    When you’re not hunting you should keep your hunting dog in good condition by making sure the hunting dog gets enough exercise. Don’t overfeed the hunting dog because this could make the dog overweight. Not doing this will prevent the hunting dog from being able to keep up to the game when it’s hunting season.

  2. Chelsea

    We formerly had two hunting dogs. One just died of old age. We bought them at the age of 1. Hunting dogs(if the right breed) have hunting in their blood so you can train them as soon as when they learn to walk.

  3. rstypark

    hi yes i have a golden retriver he is just great well i think you should teach her how to sit and move her about a mile from u so she cant hear it so bad and every other day move her a little closer

  4. decksbyj

    you should have done that when she was about 3 months old.
    but she can stile be trained if you have alot of time to spare.

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