I have 3 dogs and they are minorly infested with fleas and ticks. I dont want them to spread and i also dont want to waste money on the store stuff. Of course if all else fails I will have to.


  1. paintedr

    Best bet, to save money in the long run, is get flea medication from the vet office, and buy flea shampoo to bathe them in, before applying the medication.

  2. Annette L

    Your best bet is the Flea Meds from the vet. The over the counter is no good. You also have to treat your house and their sleeping areas. I read on the Dog Whisperer’s web site that you can use 20 Team Mule Borax powder and rub it into rugs furniture and sleeping areas and it will kill the fleas.

  3. moonbaby

    My dog had fleas last year and let me tell you – it is WORTH the money to use Frontline to protect them from fleas and ticks. And no offense, but if you’re not willing to protect them from these potentially dangerous pests then maybe you shouldn’t have 3 dogs to begin with.
    Fleas are VERY hard to kill because even the poison the exterminators spray don’t kill their eggs. You have to wash bedding, get your pet flea-free, and get your home exterminated all on the same day to stop the cycle. Then you should vacuum daily and store the vacuum bag in the freezer. Check nooks and crannies of sofas for the flea larvae (they are purple and disgusting).
    It took a while to get my home flea-free but it is worth the money. They carry diseases and are annoying to your pet. Ticks are not as “annoying” for you but can carry Lyme disease, which my cousin’s dog is dying from right now. So please, be a responsible owner and protect your dogs against fleas and ticks! It’s 2007 for goodness sake- we have medications to prevent these things.

  4. blondie

    kills fleas instantly Dawn dish washing liquid does the trick. Add a few drops to your dogs bath and shampoo the animal thoroughly.Rinse well to avoid skin irratations. Goodbye fleas.

  5. Jo

    OK, I am going to tell you about some very effective store stuff. It is called Bio Spot and is sold in Pet Smart stores, and probably at most pet stores and at feed stores too. I used to use first Advantage and then Frontline on my dogs but they had reactions to first Advantage and then Frontline. Because fleas are epidemic and year round where I live, I kept treating them and for a few years the benefits of treatment outweighed the side effects.
    Then they didn’t seem to work as effectively anymore and I started using Bio Spot. It’s a product that smells a lot better, looks greasy a bit longer, but absorbs and then works the best from what I have tried so far and without side effects.

  6. nemesis

    There are ***NONE***!!!!
    WHY on earth do you think that people have spent THOUSANDS of years & BILLIONS of dollars on INSECTICIDE RESEARCH if all anybody had to do was rub seaweed or some other granny-tale BULLSHI* on em?
    You MUST treat ALL the animals *&* the PREMISES!!!

  7. FörtyTwö

    There is a fennel that my granpaw use to use for fleas and stuff. I do not know exact science name or what, we called it dog fennel. You can get it at flower or plant places, you can grow it yourself. It is a harmless plant , well to humans and animals it is harmless, fleas do not seem to like it.
    For ticks a good bathing routine seems to work. Fleas do not like the baths much either, but they jump off and hop right back on after you are done, the fennel will keep them away from the doggy or cat or house.

  8. Baa_Baa_

    Well if you have indoor dogs you can sprinkle Borax on your carpet. Pack it in and leave for 3 days. Then vaccuum. This may take longer but there ya go….

  9. pd

    you are cheap…
    i recomend FRONTLINE PLUS. my boxer spends tons of time outside and this stuff works real good. get it from your vet…

  10. pigglets

    One of the best and cheapest solutions is bathing in Ivory dish soap. All bedding, toys, kennels, etc. will also need to be washed. It’s always a good idea after the vet has done a blood test for heart worms to keep them on a preventative year round for that also.

  11. laura

    Forget the money-sucking medicines! Go with the original salt treatment. if you’re giving your dogs a bath, pour salt all over their body and rub in. If you want to get the fleas out of the carpet, the pour salt onto the carpet and leave it there for approx. 2 days. then vacume the salt. (Try to get a 20-40 lb bag of salt)

  12. OntarioG

    I DO NOT recommend bio spot it can cause severe adverse reaction and death in some dogshttp://www.elversonpuzzle.com/biospot.ht…
    Get an appropriate treatment like frontline plus to act as preventative by killing the tick shortly after it ends up on your dogs before they have a chance to infect them,
    ticks carry disease that can kill dogs and can cause severe health problems one strain of babesia there is no cure for the antibabesia drug imizol had no effect on.
    So a good preventative is important and is far cheaper than testing , treating and caring for an animal whose organs or immune system is damaged as a result of a tick disease organism
    I used to volunteer with a rescue organization who brounght retired racing greyhound up from the US, every one was tested for tick disease most never showed signs of having over 50% tested positive for tick disease dog that came from the ct area had over 75% exposure positives and then are treated if titers show an active infection, in the sub acute stage of the disease dogs will look act totally fine, when symptom start showing up they are then in the chronic stage that means the organism have no moved into their organs and some damage has occurred it is also hard to treat , treatment can knock down the number but often not eliminate it, so they will multiply again and continue to attack the dogs body. which is why it is referred to as the Silent Killer.
    Info on tick disease http://www.mirage-samoyeds.com/tick.htm
    they do suggest the preventic collar as one form of prevention, which was used quite a bit on the dogfs we got from CT as most of the dogs we got in were heavily infested with ticks so it does not seem to be as effective as frontline plus
    Home remedies like bathing only aid to help in the removal by numbing the parasite to make easier removal by going over the dog inch by inch removing the parasites by tweezer but does not kill them

  13. Eartha Q

    I was a Dog Groomer for 10 years, plus taught Dog Grooming at one of the Top Grooming Schools, If there was Anything that would work against fleas besides Flea Baths we would have loved to do it. Every non insecticide shampoo we ever tried only stuns the fleas and gives them a good bath! The rest of the home remedies don’t work…
    Advantage and Frontline are the best thing that has come out in years for fleas and it works. You must get the live fleas off first with a good flea shampoo. Read the directions, and make sure you leave it on for the full recommended time.
    After the dogs are dry, you can apply the Frontline.
    This will kill the fleas on the dogs. But it won’t kill the fleas in their dog houses, yards, or in your carpets. Those have to be treated seperately.

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