1. 3DogMom

    Three things to do when training a dog:
    – Positive Reinforcement: reward the dog for behavior you like. You are essentially teaching the dog that whatever behavior they’re doing is good!
    – Ignore bad behavior: Dogs can’t differentiate between good and bad behavior. It’s just behavior to them. YOU must let them know what is and isn’t good/bad behavior. Bad behaviors will diminish if not given reinforcements. Thus, if your dog paws at you for attention and you turn away or leave the room, the dog will stop pawing at you because it isn’t giving him what he wants.
    – ALWAYS make training enjoyable. Dogs love to work and they love to please. Making training enjoyable will strengthen the bond between you and the dog.
    Please look up Patricia McConnell, Karen Pryor, and look up the concept of “shaping” and clicker training. It is a technique that allows you to train your dog completely verbally without any luring or physical correction. The dogs learn to think, and it makes training SO much more fun.
    Here’s a link on “shaping”:
    Here are links on clicker training:
    I’ve trained dogs using corrections, physical force, and all the old school techniques like collar jerking when the dog pulls, etc. etc. I hated using these techniques. I’ve been training with clickers and shaping now, and I love it so much more (as do my dogs!).

  2. Shepherdgirl §

    The Basics
    Holding a treat in your left hand just above the pup’s nose, gently rest your right hand on pup’s rump.
    Slowly move the treat in an upward motion while applying gentle pressure to the rump. ( you dont want to push hard because if you do the dog will sit every time someone touches him and this is not good for competitive obedience)
    as soon as pup sits say in a very happy excited tone “GOOD SIT” and give the treat.
    Repeat excersize 7x. then take a play break and move on to something elce.
    very young pups should not train for more than a half hour each day
    every time you put food bowl down or give a treat give the sit command, and wait for the sit. then once pup sits give treat or food down.
    DO NOT move on to something new until pup has the new command down pat.
    walk away from pup about 10 feet to start. say pup’s name and “COME” in a happy voice. once pup comes praise it lavishly have a bit of a play and give it a treat.
    Gradually increase the distance you walk away. and eventually once pup knows command only treat every 3rd come. tappering off until he comes every time with out treat using only praise.
    this will take a few days to learn if you practice every day.
    Start with pup in sit. move hand with the treat between the pup’s front paws on the ground.
    Say “DOWN” in firm but not loud voice.
    pup might try and get treat without going down, dont let him have it until he downs.
    praise in happy voice “GOOD DOWN”
    repeat 7x
    Start pup in down possition. say “STAY” in firm voice. walk to end of leash, backwards. if the pup moves say once only “AP” in a not pleased tone. go back do not say anything. put pup in down again repeat “STAY” walk backwards to end of leash.
    pup does NOT get praise or treat untill he stays for 30 seconds, then a minute, then 5 minutes. move times up each week.
    after he can do a 5 minute down/stay every time. move on to a sit/stay doing exactly what you did for down/stay.
    Once on leash sit and down/stays are reliable for 5 minutes each. drop the leash and walk away from your pup, your back to the pup. about 10 feet away. wait 5 min. recall your dog. with dog sitting in front of you once he reaches you. treat and praise.
    Please do NOT train with a choke collar. i recomend martin gayles.
    with dog on a short leash exactly beside you on your left side say “HEEL” if the dog starts to pull give a correction snap with leash on collar. and recomand “HEEL” the second your dog complies peaise with “GOOD HEEL” in happy voice. and continue to walk , correct, and praise for 30 minutes.
    Always end training sessions on a positive note. Never get angry with your pup for not responding to a command. Praise lavishly every time pup responds to a command.
    NEVER hit your dog. NO reason is an acceptable reason for physicaly abusing your pup.
    Group obedience classes will help with socialization and a good instructor will be able to help with training your dog.

  3. blk_shee

    the best tip i have is that training is really all about associating words to things dogs do naturally so they learn to do them when you want them to. The easiest way to practice that is to remember the head guides the dog. To get him to sit, take a treat and raise it up past his nose to just over his head. As his head comes up his butt should drop. Repeat that a few times and you have sit…
    then down…have him sit, and bring the treat down past his nose to the floor at his feet, then away a bit…his head follows and he lies down…you see?
    if you KNOW something makes him raise his paw to shake, then right before you DO that thing ASK him to shake. He soon learns the word.
    if you train him cheerfully and naturally he learns to enjoy learning, and doing what you ask him to do.

  4. Amy

    Repetitive persistance is the best way to train a dog. You must always reward good behavior. Do not hit or spank for bad behavior, instead use a stern voice with a “no” or whatever you word you want them to associate with your disappointment of them. Ignore them for a short period after they have been disobedient. It is also critical that you NEVER allow a bad behavior. If you train the dog and they back lapse, you must scold them. If you allow them to get away with the bad behavior even one time, you will have to start your training all over again. Be persistence and repetitive. It takes time, but it will work. Good luck!

  5. Dog Lover

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  6. Sunshine

    Be stern. Do not yell at the dog when you get frustrated then pet them. It will confuse them. You should watch “The dog whisperer”. You will learn a lot. I believe it is on Animal Planet.

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