What are words like Down, Stay, Come etc. in German for dog training and what are some German horse words, like trot, bridle, reins, etc.


  1. KeL

    for dogs:
    sit down/down – sitz! down! halt!,
    lay (down)- Platz! Mach Platz!
    stay – bleib! steh!
    come – komm!
    let’s go – auf!
    *when you want your dog to be by your side (when he has no line) – Fuß!
    * to get/catch something – Apport!
    * when the dog has something in mouth and you want it to make it away/to let this thing free – aus!
    here – hier!
    Horse commands:
    dismount – Absteigen
    mount – Aufsteigen

  2. Rain

    Heel Fuss
    (fooss) Au pied
    right= Rechts
    Sit Sitz
    Stay Bleib (bly’b)
    Down Platz
    Come/Here Hier (hee er)
    Stand Steh (shtay)
    Fetch Bring (brrring)
    Jump Hopp
    Go Out Voraus (for owss)
    Track Such (tsuuk)
    Guard Pass auf/
    Bite Packen/
    Fass Attaque
    Mord Drz (dursh)
    Out/Let Go Aus
    Speak/Bark Gib Laut (geblout)
    Dope Rauschgift
    Blind Search Voran
    Go Outside Geh Raus/
    Go Inside Geh rein (gay rine)
    What is going on? Was ist los?
    Good (praise) So ist brav
    Word “No” Pfui (fooey)
    Don’t do that! Lass das sein
    OK In Ordnung
    Eat food Nimm Futter
    Stand Still Bleib Ruhig
    Search Such Verloren
    Leave it Lass es

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