I currently have my 5 month old in puppy class. I was going to go through all 4 classes at Petsmart, but now I’m thinking I could save about $300.00 and teach my dog the same things (and probably more), if I invest in a good book or DVD. Any suggestions? I’d prefer a DVD, but books are fine too. That way I can also apply the training to our other two dogs at the same time.


  1. mustangl

    The ‘for dummies’ series are always good. But, please ask your vet for listings of other local obedience clubs (surely some are cheaper) & do take your pup to a formal class. The benefits are as much about socializing your pup as is about teaching manners. That is something you can’t get with home schooling.

  2. Dog Person

    There aren’t many good things to say about the petsmart classes. I’m glad you’re looking for a better option.
    Look up ‘Koehler method of dog training’ on the internet.
    Koehler is the man who created the first police dog training programs in America. He has also trained many film and professional working dogs, but originally he trained police dogs.
    His book is called The Koehler Method of Dog Training. I really hope you pick up a copy. The entire second half of the book is the soundest, strongest method of obedience training I have ever come across. Apply the method and you will end up – if you do the hard work – with a dog whose behaviour is reliable, well-mannered and safe in any situation, with any person.
    The book also goes into great detail on how to train a safe personal protection dog – a dog that will warn, then hold off, and then – if it’s handler’s life is in danger – then proceed to protect. Obviously you won’t be going into the personal protection training, because it’s very hard work and not really necessary, but you get the point – the guy knows what he is doing.
    Good luck, and I hope you find that this method is the most appropriate for you.

  3. kakapobi

    The monks of New Skete in upstate New York are the best. Look for them on line and at Amazon.com

  4. Isis

    Just a note, around here, the pet supply stores are some of the most expensive places to take training classes and they aren’t really very good either. We found a trainer by contacting our local Agility Club and asking for referrals to trainers that would get us in the direction of Agility and Obedience. The one we went with only charges $50 for a 7 week course and that’s $50 to $75 less than what we would have paid if we’d gone with one in the yellow pages (and no one offered agility training either).
    Classes are really good, if you can afford it, as they help your dog with socialization and to expose him/her to distractions, which is very helpful to do in triaining.
    I also got a book and began clicker training before our puppy was old enuf for the classes. “Clicking with your dog” is a book I found at the pet supply store and it’s very detailed and informative. http://www.amazon.com/Clicking-Your-Dog-
    Don’t know if you’ve ever considered clicker method, but from personal experience, using traditional and clicker, my Border Collie puppy catches on way faster using the clicker method.

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