I have a chihuahua and he has fleas I use shampoos and stuff but he still seems to keep attracting fleas from going outside, even 1 day after being bathed in flea shampoo and stuff. What should I do?



    This situation is just a revolving door. Flea eggs can
    remain dormant as long as 10 years I understand. So you
    get them traveling on board your poor dog…from the yard to the house and back again ! So you have 3 areas of
    concern…not just one.
    You need to treat your yard or have it done (I used to do this myself with a good grade product) It is a job but well worth it. Once I had a professional pest control do the work. It would be wise to send your Dr. to the vet for a day…better yet to the groomers. You do not want a pet around an area being treated…especially such a small one. Then bug bomb your home (carefully control
    the number of bombs that you use or you can blow off
    your kitchen cabinet doors ! – True). You need to
    stay out of the house for 2 to 3 hours at least.
    There are certain compounds available at the Vets which
    can be applied between the shoulders. Be sure to
    ask the Vets advice as to amount for these are
    dispensed depending upon the size of the pet…and
    even the age is considered.
    Believe that garlic capsules given with food are
    effective…given daily. Try to get something very small for obviously Chihuahas would not get them down easily.

  2. Glitter

    Garlic. Start adding garlic to your dogs diet. It is good for thier coat plus it will help keep the fleas off.

  3. Old Cop Dog

    I have recommended this for years. No I don’t have stock in the Company.
    Avon Skin So Soft. Mix it 50/50 with water in a spray bottle and there you go.
    It will also grow hair back.. No lie

  4. nellana

    Old Cop Dog:- Thanks for reminding me about that! I used to use it to keep mosquitoes away….hubby spilled the bottle, and I forgot the name. It’s brilliant stuff, and you need so little of it!
    As far as keeping fleas away is concerned. Dogs in *real* health don’t get fleas, so that’s one thing to really think about. Why isn’t your dog really healthy. (Over-vaccinating, using too much chemical stuff like Frontline of similar, etc.) Simply not feeding a good quality food can cause your dog’s immune system to lower. If they are struggling to cope with the fillers, anti-oxidants and preservatives in the food, then their bodies can’t fight off fleas as well. I feed a raw diet, and my dogs *never* have fleas at all. Food for thought?
    The Avon stuff is actually good. You can also add a small amount of garlic to the dog’s food. (Fleas can’t stand the smell, or taste.) For a chihuahua, I would only use a quarter of a clove four days of the week. Crush it, and add to the food. Or add Brewers Yeast……four tablets per 10kilo of the dog’s weight. You can also dust BY powder in the dog’s coat.

  5. tattudgu

    adding brewers yeast to the dogs diet. sprinkle some on the dogs food. i would also suggest treating your yard as well.

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