She’s a 15 month old pomeranian-****-zu mix, I really could use some help. This is ridiculous, we bought her off of someone a week ago and we’ve tried taking her out every twenty minutes and still, failure.


  1. Stark

    I adopted my dog when she was 1 year old, and she was not house trained. So, I put her on a schedule, like you are doing, which really helped. But I took her out every few hours, not every 20 minutes, because that would be impossible for me. First, you have to catch her going potty inside for anything to be effective. My friend kept her dog on a leash for an entire weekend, so he couldn’t leave her side. Any time he started to squat, or pee, or anything, she said “NO!” and immediately took him outside (don’t hit your dog). If he went potty outside he got HUGE Praise!! Like a little party in the backyard for going potty outside. If your dog goes potty in the house, but you didn’t see her, or catch her in the act, you have to ignore it. If you punish her for it after the fact, she won’t know what you are punishing her for. You have to CATCH her doing it. Any other time she chooses to go potty outside on her own also gets HUGE Praise!!
    And if she ever has to be left alone while you leave the house, a crate is a great tool. The crate doesn’t have to be forever, but it is useful for learning. You will have to read up about crate training first, you can’t just throw her in there. Once she gets comfortable, you can leave her in there for a few hours while you get your stuff done, then immediately take her outside when you get home. I hope this helps. My dog was potty trained within less that two weeks this way. Good Luck!!!
    If you really feel that the training just isn’t working, she may have a urinary tract infection. This can cause dogs to go potty in the house. You can take a urine sample in to your veterinarian and have them check for a UTI.

  2. missy

    you need to be consistant with her. take her out first thing in the morning, after she eats or drinks, after play or exercise, and before she goes to bed. another thing that might help is do what me and my family does. when she goes potty outside praise her and give her a treat.if she knows she is doing a good thing and getting rewarded for it she is more likely to keep doing it.

  3. jorden p

    putt her in a dog cage till she can hold it she wont go in it butt it got’s to be just righ for her size if it’s to big she will go in it
    till she is brok of going in the house.
    p.s. it work’s

  4. danm

    you didn’t need the ****s. it is spelt shih-tzu. crate training is good with a crate. when you feed it wait like ten minutes and bring it out. if the dog goes, give it a treat, and be happy. same with water

  5. xXHeartB

    um buy a shoe this where u put shoes put newspaper under and tell her thats her bathroom pont or everytime she poops outside give her a treat
    hope i helped good luck

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