i have a pregnant adult picanese and chiwawa mixed together and like teenager full breed chiwawa.I need some home remedies for getting rid of fleas


  1. troubles

    Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil.
    Flea Shampoo from the local pet supply store.
    After bathing, get some Enforcer Flea Powder (you can find this in the pet isle at Walmart) and you sprinkle it on your carpets, if you have them. This will also help rid fleas. Smells good too.

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    * Use a flea comb to search for and remove fleas. Use tweezers or a tick scoop to remove any other bugs and burrs.
    * You can dab some petroleum jelly on the comb to help make the fleas stick to its tines.
    * Gather a cotton ball, alcohol and cup filled halfway with warm soapy water. Soak the cotton ball in alcohol before combing.
    * Remember to check between your dog’s toes, behind and in the ears, in the armpits, around the tail and head.
    * Comb your pet over white paper. If fleas are present, you will see tiny black specks fall on the paper.
    * To check your dog for fleas when bathing, place a large white towel beneath your dog. Fleas typically fall off when you rinse the dog, so you’re likely to spot them on the towel.
    If you want to used pills for your dog there’s a few on this site.http://www.petparents.com/landing/
    Flea shampoos and flea pills are not good for pregnant dogs so used the technique above.

  3. caffenne

    Fleas are hard to eliminate. I have heard of many different home remedies to help prevent fleas but, nothing very effective once you have them. It is VERY important to get rid of them before the puppies get here. A single flea can drink 15 times its body weight in blood and bite up to 400 times in ONE DAY. I have seen an entire litter die from flea anemia. There are many good remedies on the market. Most are safe for pregnant and nursing pets. Check your Vet and the pet stores for a spot-on product with a growth regulator, like Advantage or Frontline Plus. Remember, the fleas on the dog presents only 5% of the flea problem. The eggs and larva are growing in your carpet and furniture. The growth regulating products will get them too. GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Texas Horse Lover

    Put an spoonful of vinegar in their drinking water. That’ll take care of the fleas. I haven’t seen a flea on my dogs for 2 years.

  5. Chalice

    Why home remedies particularly? Fleas are hardy little things, things found around the house aren’t really going to kill them. You might be able to drown some, or kill the odd few, but this is not going to deal with your problem. Fleas lay hundreds of eggs that are very hard to kill (and they’re microscopic, so you can’t see them) which become larvae, which are also very hard to kill! You need to tackle all three life stages to get rid of a flea infestation.
    If you’re worried about using chemicals, perhaps you’re only aware of the ones sold in pet stores – it’s right to be wary of these, because many are dangerous and have caused bad reactions if not deaths in animals. The reason for this is that stores are not licensed to sell proper flea-killing treatments and preventions, so the stuff they sell is really random insecticides that fleas do not find difficult to survive.
    Flea treatment that works is only really sold in vets – Frontline, Revolution, Advantage and Advocate are the ones – they’re safe and they work. I wish they could be sold in stores, but until they are, stay away from store bought products. ‘Home remedies’ like Dawn and salt might be safe, but they don’t work.

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