I WILL NOT smack,Yell,feed human food besides carrotts,name some more?


  1. C.

    I do positive training.
    If my dog does something I like or want him to do, I would praise him, give him a treat, or anything he likes.
    When he does something I don’t like, such as snapping at guest in my home, I would simiply remove him from the room into a different one and leave. I would wait until he is calm again and bring him back out.
    If I repeat this, he should stop snapping at my guest because dogs want to be with you, not locked away in a different room.
    Positive training is the best because it’s non-violent and increases a dog’s confidence.

  2. somethin

    Don’t let the dog leave the door way before you when going for a walk.
    Make sure the dog “heals” to you when you go for a walk until released. Don’t give the dog “free access” to the house (crate train)
    Feed the dog after all humans have eaten.
    Don’t let the dog on furniture unless you invite it first.
    Allot of stuff depends on if you have a “dominant breed”. You may have to be very strict about stuff if it is. A good book is “The Idiot’s Guide to Dog Training”

  3. theblack

    That depends what you’re trying to teach your dog. If you want it to do its business outside you should walk it regularly and take it outside every time it eats. If you want to do basic commands you will need some dog treats or chicken. For the command sit push your dogs bottom down while saying the command. Do it a few times each day till your dog getss the idea. If you have a friend with a trained dog or someone you know ask them to come over with their dog and help. It’ll be much easier for you dog to do it if it has someone else to look from.

  4. ✘ Wheaten Mom

    I like to think of it as a Parent to a child. (meaning- I am not a Pack leader/alpha, I do not use aversive’s or harm them physically.)
    You set rules (NILIF).
    You show them what behaviors are rewarded (training).
    You show compassion.
    You have patience.
    You make sure to socialize.
    You give them plenty of exercise, Mental & Physical.
    You Play with them.
    You are consistent (for puppies schedules are especially important.).

  5. Annie Oakleaf

    — do NOT treat your dog like a person or a baby or a kid- that’s the worst thing you can do for them
    — when they are nervous or something, don’t pet them, it only makes it worse (trust me- i’ve been around dogs all my life and i’ve worked at a vet’s office)
    — try to stay calm if something ‘nerve wracking’ happens, the dog feeds off of you
    — when teaching them to talk on a leash, don’t have the leash taunt, they’ll learn that leashes mean something bad, and they’ll associate a taunt leash with something bad
    — be VERY VERY patient
    — you’ll have to be the dominant one, not the dog, so don’t let the dog get away with everything, you need to start that (being dominant) the day the dog comes into the house, no matter the dog’s age
    — ALWAYS remain calm
    — once you’ve taught your dog how to do something, like sit, always go back and do that command, they’ll forget about it if your not consistent
    — when training, start with the basics- like to sit, lay down, then move to stay and gradually increase the distance (in the house) then work outside with the basics- everything builds on everything else
    — when your dog is eating, get them used to you being near them- i can stick my hands in their dog food and they’ll just stop eating and when they have a bone i can put my hand right by their jaw and they’ll stop (it’s all about being the dominant one)

  6. pc internet security

    Tell him wat you want him to do, like say if it is sit, then you say sit, and if he doesnt do it, push is butty down softly and say this is “sit” and keep doing it over and over, and when he gets it right, give him a treat. 🙂
    Or a she, IDK!! 🙂

  7. Bendizle

    well sometimes physical punishment is needed to establish dominance with your dog. Your dog is not a human so dont treat it like one, you need to show that you are in control….

  8. noahmoll

    Always reward good behaviour
    Integrate the dog with other animals and humans for good social skills.
    Train to not pull on lead.

  9. neje0705

    CONSISTENCY, very very important. If one this not ok one day then ok the next, the dog will never get it.

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