You didn’t tell us how old the dog is, but this works for any age, however, an older dog would need less frquent feedings and outings.
Routine is the most important aspect of training. From the beginning, feed 4 times per day, at the same times, and put the bowl up in 5 minutes, or when finished.
A puppy will need to go just minutes after eating, so whisk him outside, and stay with him until she ‘goes’..Giver him lots of praise when he does his job, play a few minutes, and come back in..
If you can spread down a bag of sand, from a garden center, it will give him a good place to go, so you can kind of aim him there, and not just all over your yard..
He should only need to go poop after eating, and perhaps at bedtime..
However, he will need water down at all times, and need to pee, outside every other hour for that..and keep a close eye on him..He will need to go during active play, and every time he wakes from a nap..If you watch him, you will see him acting restless, and sniffing the floor, etc when he needs to first, peeing may be just a matter of pausing, and uh-oh, there it is..He won’t even be aware…So its important to never scold him for peeing…this is what makes traumatized pups that refuse to pee outside, or try to hide it in the they get scolded for it, and it becomes a traumatic event..
Keep the product, Nature’s Miracle, on hand, for instant cleaning of pee spots…or ask your pet supply which enzyme cleaner they recommend..
Puppies physiology only allows them to help pee for about 1 hour per month of age…so expecting any more is unrealistic..a good reason for a playpen at night..or kennel/crate at night. He may hold it through the night, but is likely to need to pee at least once during the night..Unless itis an older dog.You can remove the water a couple of hours before bedtime..
By following a routine, and being ever watchful for the first few days, you can have him petty well trained in just a couple of weeks..or less
I house-train all of my pups before they ever leave my home, and I do it an entire litter at a normally takes about 4-5 days, with very few accidents..
But, if you hang a little bell on the door, or a desk bell on the floor, and show him you are ringing the bell each time you take him out, he is likely to begin ringing the bell when he needs to go..Just be very vigilant, and yet stay accident doesn’t mean failure..
Remember, it takes forever to potty train a human baby, and it is so nice that puppies can learn it so much faster, but they are still allowed to be babies, and don’t deserve to be stressed about the training…
If you have important areas to keep clean, just keep him away from those areas until he is a bit older..
I recommend using a harness for the walking and leash training, as it is less frightening and stressful..eventually, as trust is developed, you can switch to a collar..but a soft harness takes the fear away from the beginning…Walking stimulates the bowels to move, more so than just putting the dog out..


  1. Chetco

    Crate train her.. Get a crate not much bigger than the dog and keep the dog in the crate when you are sleeping, not home or unable to watch her. Take the dog outside to do her business immediately when you take her out of the crate. Take the dog outside to do her business immediately after eating or playing. When you have the dog out of the crate and are watching her look for signs that she is about to go (sniffing, circling) and take her outside. When she goes outside praise her. If she has an accident in the house and you witness it in a stern firm voice tell her “no potty outside” as you are taking her outside. If she has an accident an you do not witness it unfortunately there is nothing that you can do about it. Do not yell at the dog or hit her and do not rub her nose in her mess. Make sure you are consistent and persistent with the training. Always praise a lot when she goes outside.


    How to get a dog potty trained in 2-3 months
    1.Crate them when u can’t watch them
    prefer a crate that is large enough for them to walk in and play in since they will be in there when u are busy or out.
    Always have water in the crate also.
    2. Feed them 2-3 times a day and stick to a schedule
    3. After eating, drinking, or letting out of crate immediateley take them outside to potty and prais them after they come inside.
    4. if the are sniffing or circling or attemprting to squat take them to potty.
    5. don’t use puppy pads it just gets the dog used to going to the bathroom on that kind of surface which can lead to potting on your rugs.
    6. teach they dog to let you know when they have to go
    7. crate em for a while when they potty in house and clean area thoroughly
    P.S. I taught mine to go to, and sctach at the door when she has to go potty.
    I did this by reinforcing above potty tarining so she got that door means potty and potty in house means crate. Then after she gotthis i taught her to paw/scratch the door when she had to go potty by micking sratching the door when she whent to it. She caught on quickly. Then i started asking Her Snow u need to go potty long anough for her to start scratching and braking so she was then ket out
    now by reinforcing that she has learned to potty outside and how to let me know
    she is only 3 mnths

  3. Math Freak 1990

    I’ve helped train three puppy’s, so far and what I do is try to watch the time I give them water and food. Like a few cups of water in the mornings then afternoon and evening, but in the summer they mostly stayed out doors so I would make sure they had plenty. Then I would wait about 15 to 20 mins. and then take them to the door and walk then out. Same with food but I’ll only fed them about one cup in the mornings and then a cup and a half in the afternoons. I also used puppy pad and I would slowly get the pads closer to the door so they would know where the door was. This helped me and I don’t have any troubles with them. Best wishes..

  4. Animal_l

    Buy a crate to have him sleeep in, use a room that is easy clean floor, and use puppy pads during the dya when your gone.

  5. oreogirl

    first off, clean anywhere he has gone before with something that will remove all signs of his feces or consistant. only feed the dog at specific times, then remove his dishes, and put him outside immediately after he eats. praise him when he goes, and maybe even offer a treat, chastise him when he goes in the house, and take the stool outside to where you want him to go then show him the stool, and tell him good dog, as if he has done it there. Immediately clean up the spot where he went. If he uses a specific rug , remove it from the house, or if he goes in a specific place, block him from that place. whenever he goes outside, praise him, and whenever he goes inside, tell him bad dog. If he goes to the door, asking to go out, let him out, and praise him. It shouldn’t take him too long to figure out what you want him to do.

  6. jakesgir

    every time you see that they do that you should let them know that you should and and quickly as possible take the dog outside and keep doing that, just incase you should put newspaper on the floor so you don’t have a big mess and you should praise the dog so the dog knows he’s doing good when he goes potty outside instead of in the house.

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