He’s really hyper.


  1. Agility Man

    Dogs get hyperactive when they have too much energy and are bored. Lots of tips:
    1. Physical exercise. Letting him out in the backyard does not count. Don’t know his age or breed but at an absolute minimum you should assume 30 minutes of walking a day–that’s the amount you give breeds like Dachshunds, Bulldogs, Greyhounds and older dogs that don’t have high energy. People underestimate the amount of physical exercise a dog can take. For instance, Malmutes,husky’s and other sled dogs run 100 miles a day in the snow pulling a sled with a human on it. Your dog may not be a malamute but the vast majority of dogs don’t get enough activity.
    2. Mental stimulation and purpose matters–ALOT! When dogs feel they have a purpose and something to focus on, they settle down. Purpose can be a formal job (herding sheep, working on a farm to get vermin) or a madeup one (competing in agility, being the guard dog around the house).
    Additionally, working on tricks EVERY day, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes a day matters. To you, a trick is just something cute to impress friends but to a dog, it’s fun, it bonds with you and it teaches the dog that you’re the source of good things. Most of all, it’s intellectually stimulating for a dog.
    3. Start taking classes. Start with obedience, then go into classes for agility or flyball or CGC or flyball or herding or field work or earthdog. These not only provide jobs for your dog but they provide focus that will allow him to calm down.
    4. As for actual training, there are lots of tips:
    –get clicker savvy. It’s the easiest way to train a dog. http://www.clickertraining.com
    –keep it simple. Start with behavior your dog shows naturally and build on it.
    –keep it positive. It’s easier to teach a dog to do something than it is to teach them to NOT do something. It’s hard to teach my dog to not jump on people when they come to the house. It’s easy to teach my dog to assume a down-stay when people arrive at my house.
    –always end on a positive note. If your training session ends with a failure, your dog leaves confused and uncertain. Always end with something they can do and that earns them a treat. This makes training fun and encourages them to be enthusiastic about training.
    One of the best training games I’ve ever seen is called “100 uses for a box.” It’s an example of what is called behavior shaping. Once you start doing this, your dog starts looking to you for guidance and encourage. You’ll see your dog cycle through behavior to see what it is that earns the treat. This is in contract to a dog that is oblivious to you, doing their own thing, and being a wild-man.
    Good luck!

  2. justme

    For our dogs we use a safety zone, just like for little kids who are acting out. Our dogs have a corner with a bed, chew toys, and bones, we start by chaining them up there only when we are eating to teach them no to beg for food. But then they actually start to really enjoy this area. We have ours where our dogs can see us. They actually really like to have a place to veg out and just be dogs.. and trust me you’ll like their doggie toys and bones all in one area.

  3. Steph C.

    Start when he is young because he will have it all his life. Also keep on doing it everyday, because he can stop doing it.

  4. ☼HNC☼

    Training him to do what? There are entire books on training, too much info to write out here for you…
    You can start by taking him for a couple of walks each day, it will help to burn off some of the energy.

  5. Rocket French or Bust

    Take a treat and put it over his head. When he sits, reward him.
    If he doesn’t sit, place him so his rear is facing a wall. Stick the treat above his head, when he bumps the wall, he will most likely sit. Hope this helps!

  6. <3 Kooikers, Tollers, Borders

    – Be consistent
    – Be firm, but not harsh
    – Teach him to be calm (when he is being calm and quiet, reward him)
    – Maybe training him in a sport, such as Flyball or Agility, would help with the hyperactivity
    Good luck.

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