I’ve treated his yard with diazon. I use frontline on him every 3 weeks and he still is being tormented by fleas. Any Ideas?


  1. Pudgygir

    When returning to my Southern home state after living in Illinois for 12 years…I too, ran into this deleima! I asked the vet and he told me that Frontline PLUS was stronger than regular Frontline and I treat my yard as you said with Diason…the vet also told me that it was okay to use a dip or spray with the Frontline Plus but I only used it when I found a flea on my 2 Pugs because I was afraid that too much may cause their skin to become irritated.
    After doing this the last 2 years, I’m happy to report that we no longer have any fleas or tick problems…but it’s something that has to be stayed on top of pretty much year round here! Good luck!

  2. Pudgygir…

    Have him dipped for fleas at your vet. Keep him indoors and apply the frontline indoors. You may have to spray your garden for fleas too.
    Make sure you are applying the right Frontline doage.

  3. Dr NO

    Get a flea treatment from the vet. Flea collars and over the counter stuff does not work. You also need to bomb your house.

  4. Shauna

    #1 flea stopper is Frontline. Get em’ flea dipped first (sounds like you have a bad case)…then get the Frontline put on them. I only have to do my 4 dogs once a year with Frontline and it keeps the fleas out!

  5. Gary

    I always give my dogs brewers yeast and garlic in their food, a lot, it can’t hurt them. And in over 20 years, only had a problem with fleas once.

  6. starting over

    THEY SELL A PET VITAMINE AT PET STORES THAT HAVE GARLIC IN IT AND YOU GIVE IT TO YOUR DOG ONCE A DAY WITH ITS FEEDINS AND IT WILL HELP!! i use it for my dogs and its completly safe and they will love it! try it ..

  7. uniquedo

    Front line almost always works best, Drugs like Front Line treat the problem Systemically, which means from the inside out, instead of just a Collier, which tries to kill the flea’s with a contact poison, the flea’s get close to the collier , come in contact with the poision, and die. The Front line puts a chemical in your dogs system that poisons the fleas as soon as they come in contact with your dog, without harming the system of the dog.

  8. Kipper

    If you do not want to use conventional means such as dips or drops, there is feeding the dog massive doses of garlic. Usually at least a clove (one section) a day. It is not a sure fire method and does result in BAD BREATH IN DOGS

  9. jody_but

    Is it poss. to keep him inside/away for a while to starve the outside fleas? Ask your vet as there are often new developements all the time. He seems to be getting re-infested – other animals?/have u washed all bedding etc? (probably have). On a natural front including LOTS of garlic in his food has been known to help (ie fleas dont like taste) Good Luck

  10. Mary B

    What kind of food do you feed him? Dog food that can be bought in grocery stores is junk that is full of fillers, 4D meat, and other things which do not belong in a canine’s diet. Improper feeding can weaken a dogs immune system. When the immune system is weak, an animal is more susceptible to fleas and other parasites.

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