Liver. Cut the liver into small pieces and sprinkle with a little garlic powder. Spread the peices on a baking tray and slow cook in the oven on a low heat until it has dried out. Don’t put any oil or anything on the liver while baking. You want it dry and crunchy. All dogs love these treats. Plus they are cheap to make as liver doesn’t cost much.


  1. Every dog has it's day

    I like Charlee Bear treats. But they are too big as a training treat for my dog who is a mini dachie. I did a search on the internet and found a ton of recipes for dog treats. I like to make my own and then I can cut them to the size I like. I really like this site. Lots and lots of recipes

  2. Matty

    Anything your dog really likes – he has to want the reward to work for it. Otherwise, don’t waste your money on fancy treats. My dog loves bits of carrot. Easy, cheap, non-fattening and easy to carry around.

  3. Beth L

    I never met a dog who could resist food rolls. It’s like doggy salami, comes in a big old sausage you cut up and feed to your dog. It’s soft, so it’s easy to eat and the dog doesn’t forget what it did right while trying to eat it up.
    Petco and Petsmart both have a brand, and both are priced reasonable. Give it a try and see how your dog likes it.

  4. mandy

    Doggie chocs but don’t keep them in your pocket.
    Alternatively, Use IAM’s dog buscuits that you can keep in your pocket.
    Good Luck.

  5. Bozema

    little pieces of slowly baked (till it’s hard) liver are good. A chopped cooked sausage is good too.

  6. Wise ol' poodle groomer

    It depends what dog u have. Small dogs like small treats and big dogs like bigger treats. My dog is very small and doesnt really like treats yet. Try to get the milkbones thing i heard that works. Remember dont get toys that can kill dogs cause u can kill them.

  7. FruitCak

    Dogs love chicken livers, and you can cook up a weeks worth in half an hour and store them in the fridge. These are especially great if you’re feeding your pup dry food. You can also cut up sweet potatoes or carrots if you want, but be careful what other veggies you use as some are unhealthy for dogs.
    If you want to use storebought snacks get something dry, small and able to be broken up easily. Avoid things that are chewy or soft as they get stuck in the dogs teeth and cause bad breath.
    Also avoid things like rawhides and pig ears. And on a personal note, I’d say avoid IAMs snacks, their facilities are inhumane, and they caused renal failure in cats a few months back.

  8. Shan

    any treats are good for training as long as your dog likes them. good things to remember are that these are gonna probably sit in your pocket, so a dry treat might be better. also any treat that you use for training, i wouldnt use as a treat for at home or for *just because* treats as you want training treats to be something out of the ordinary. this might sound gross, but my breeder uses dehydrated liver, stinks, but the dogs love it!

  9. northern Lily

    you dont use treats -treat make more poop
    First thing you have to do with a dog is us the same dry food. Dry food is the best because it cleans there teeth and it is not full of water. Until house broke, the dog should only be feed once a day at the same time every day. Walk the dog after you feed it. And I mean walk do not just stand there. Then walk him again a half hour after that. You should walk him as many times a day as you can until house broke. Walking helps it pass the food. Walk it in the same place every day. When they smell there own potty it makes them have to go. When the dog goes in the house, clean it up with vinegar. This does 2 things kills the smell+vinegar has a urine bass smell and the dog thinks you r marking this as your turf. When the dog goes in the house put the potty outside where you want it to go. Remember smelling his potty makes him want to go. So no potty smell in the house but lots of potty smell outside. You should have a pin or create just big enough for him to lie down. Most dog will not potty where they lay. Do not put anything in the pin that will soak up pee. When you are not watching your dog, he should be in the pin. If he goes in the house, you should catch him in the act and grab him and yell no then take him outside. Clean it up and take the potty outside. So to rap this up. Walk him as much as you can tell him good boy when he goes outside. When your not watching him keep him it the pin. When he goes inside tell him bad boy and take him outside..

  10. john s

    Depends on what I am teaching.
    When I’m working on “look at me” with a puppy I will use small pieces of hot dog to hold between my teeth so that I can spit them at the puppy when it looks at my face.
    The reason is because I want the dogs focus on my face, not my hand.
    When I am first teaching a puppy to stack on a table I use an arousal can of cheez wiz and make the puppy “reach” for a small squirt in the mouth. This way I can position the can to put the pup in the exact position I want.
    And the list goes on
    Don’t be afraid to be creative, but make sure that the treat serves a purpose. If all the treat does is make the tail wiggle, that could have been done by saying “good doggy”

  11. pitbull man

    With our dog nothing. She is twelve now and still just spits treats out. She only responds to scruffs and strokes of the head and tail region and encouraging calls of her various nicknames.

  12. tom l

    it depends on the dog I would imagine, just like people they all have different favourites, try putting a selection on the ground and see which one the dog goes to first. things like chicken cheese sausage etc. are good things to try.

  13. Sean F

    Your dog will tell you what he or she likes best. I use boiled chicken, cut up into small pieces. I go to the deli at my market and get 1/2 inch thick slices of turkey, roast beef, and low-sodium ham which I then dice up into cubes. String cheese is handy – very easy to carry around and most every dog is crazy for it.
    As far as commercial treats – I look out for anything with too much coloring and dye in it. My dog used to love Beggin’ Strips but there’s too much bad stuff in them. I get dried chicken jerky and salmon. You can get dried beef tripe (still smells bad!) and other freeze-dried treats that are healthier than Snausages. Bravo (the raw food distributor) has these as does

  14. Misa M

    You can buy all sorts of treats for training but when we started training our german shepherd, we cooked half a dozen sausages and chopped them into little bits, They worked perfectly because he was mesmerised with the smell.

  15. HI!!

    Get some pigs liver and cut it into small pieces and bake it in the oven untill it’s gone really hard.
    They love it .

  16. cheeky

    Small soft treats, i bought him liver treats i forget the name of them or you could buy bacon bites and break them up. hope this helped

  17. ?

    Hi hammer head, sausages – but not ‘hot dog’ sausages as they gotta lot of salt in them, then for the extra effort you need from your dog now and then, sliced liver.

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