Sister is going to get a dog home soon. Wonder what’s the focus we should train on. Please share your experience.


  1. Clammy S

    The puppy should first learn its name and then to sit and stay, after that we taught lay and roll over and shake. Only practice for a few minutes here and there a day and make it fun or they can become defiant and hate their training sessions.

  2. alapinkl

    Sit and stay are great because it is the best thing to use when people come into your house or you meet people in public. It the best way to get your dog to behave around other people. Sit and stay will also help you get in and out of the door without have to worry about your dog slipping out or tripping you. “Come” also is very important because it puts you in control of your dog. If they are outside in your yard, or even slip out of the door, or out of their collar while in public, if your dog knows “come” you can fix the problem before anything bad happens.

  3. epkinveg

    1) House breaking – my big dog trained quickly. My small dog took almost 2 years to perfectly house train. We rescued her when she was 9 months old and she had been abused and was quite sick.
    2) Basic obedience
    3) Basic manners (no Jumping on people, no humping people, etc)

  4. Lauren P

    1. house training
    2. coming when called
    3. basic manners
    I would highly recommend getting the dog into puppy kindergarten or an intro obedience class. The above are just categories with many parts to them.

  5. Bouvier

    First and foremost for me is for my dog to come to me when I speak the command. Second is sit and then stay.

  6. horde leveling guide

    One thing I did since I have a large breed, is when we fed him, I kept one hand on his dish and petted him while he ate, so that he’d not snarl when we got close to his dish.
    The other thing I did was to walk him often and do it around other dogs, and other people to socialize him so he didn’t pull me off my feet while walking.
    The third thing was frequent rides in the car so he is not afraid to take a ride to the vet, or park or wherever.
    Hope your sister gets a great dog. Mine is an Akita..He’s the smartest, most lovable and loyal dog I have ever owned.

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    #1 is to train puppy to eliminate outside in one area, don’t take puppy for a walk until you’ve taken puppy to designated spot to eliminate, i say this because if you walk your puppy alot then puppy will need to be walked for a long time in order to eliminate so it’s best to let her/him eliminate before taking that walk.
    #2 No biting, puppies teeth and their teeth are sharp! Two things I have been training my puppy by is to immediately say no biting and if she continues I stop playing with her and walk away, sometimes this doesn’t work because she’ll run after me and bite and pull on my pants so then I give her a timeout in a safe room, I picked the bathroom and I put her in there so she will realize if I bite I get sent here and it’s no fun cause there isn’t anyone in here with me, I do this for about 2 to 3 minutes at a time and it usually works and she calms down with the biting.
    #3 Teaching puppy to Come, use treats open your arms and kneel down and have puppy come make sure she/he sees the treat this will take time because they will easily get distracted but if puppy comes a few steps praise her/him eventually puppy will come all the way to you.
    Training will take time and patience and won’t happen over nite.
    Good Luck!

  8. jonmcn49

    Sit, down and stay are the three most important basic commands. Then, to walk properly, by breed preference, on leash.

  9. BRIAN W

    Assuming the dog is already housebroken, I would say the basic commands – sit, come, stay, lie down, etc. I have 2 Siberian Huskies, and although they are stubborn by nature, my 2 dogs were relatively easy to train. They also know how to shake hands. In addition to the basic commands, we have also taught them to stay out of the kitchen, due to their non-stop shedding. The are both well socialized, and they serve as therapy dogs to the elderly, disabled, and terminally ill children. We did not specifically train them for this; them just seemed to come by it naturally.

  10. jess l

    the first three things i wanted my dog to know was stay, sit, and heal. now i am working on making her stay in the yard unleashed and to come when called and off running while off the leash.

  11. WP Robot for Wordpress

    Definitely housetraining-other than that, the most important things I think you can teach a dog are
    3.”halt” This one is very important to me-it can keep a dog from getting run over.

  12. nightowl

    Recall….so the dog returns to you when called for whatever reason.
    Heel… the dog walks nicely (regardless on how big the dog will be heel is nice to know)
    Stay… the dog stays put when you need it to.
    Side note: Other commands that you may deem necessary would be LEAVE IT (so it doesn’t eat things it shouldn’t), DROP IT, LET GO (the release command), OFF (to get dog off of something like people so it doesn’t jump up), and LOOK (a distraction command when dog is focused on something you don’t want it to be). And finally, FREE would be used when dog is in a heel, and you are allowing it to roam, and training session is over.

  13. notary classes

    1. Housetraining-includes telling them to “do it” and rewarding them for same.
    2. Sit
    3. QUIET!
    (they train so much easier than girlfriends, could be you need more expensive treats?)

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