Looking for the best, safest and most effective ways to rid a house of fleas, Thank you.


  1. stcroixa

    Unfortunately, I don’t think “safest” is an option, at least if you mean non-chemical…but the flea “bombs” are really the only things that work in my experience. Since they lay eggs so quickly and therefore reproduce quickly, the flea bombs must kill the eggs as well… ?

  2. Terry H

    This absolutely works, Buy a flea spray in a liquid form not a spray can. Spray all around the base boards in your house. Wash all bedding of animals and your own. The name of the spray liquid I cant remember the name of it, but any pet store can tell you what to use . then put Advantage on your pets. 4 little plastic bottles which you put a dab on the back of your pets neck. this stuff really works. You need to kill the flea larva around the base boards this is were they lay the eggs. you have to break the flea cycle. and this is the only way. after about two weeks spray the liquid around your base boards again. and any animal bedding. reapply advantage in about 3 months to your pets. read the directions prior to putting it on your animals. this really works great!!!!! the ADVANTAGE can be purchased at a pet store.

  3. marys2bo

    Honestly, I have tried many ways to get rid of fleas and they always came back. I paid 65 bucks twice to a LOCAL exterminator (look under Pest Control in the yellow pages) and they came twice, sprayed the whole place, and I have never seen a bug since. The big companies charge a lot and want to come back every other month — I think that is a scam. My local place sprays twice and if you see another flea they come back for free.
    Fleas can really take over your house if you don’t get them under control If you have a pet, they need to be treated, too. Also, a dog or cat could be bringing them in from outside if they go out, so that will need to be addressed, too. The scary thing is that a flea can last for MONTHS with no food, and they lay tons of eggs in their short little lives.

  4. Acne Help

    If your house is carpeted, consider “diatomaceous earth (DE).” It is a non-toxic, safe substance made up from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. Crushed to a fine powder and observed through a microscope, the particles resemble bits of broken glass. Deadly to any insect and completely harmless to animals, fish, fowl or food.
    The reason why it works is that most insects…like fleas…have a waxy outer shell covering their bodies, diatomaceous earth scratches through this shell causing the insect to dehydrate leading to eventual death.
    After washing your carpets and after it dries, put down the powder. The reason for this is that DE works its way down into the nap of the carpet and can survive vacuuming for (I believe) about six months, but it cannot survive shampooing. Since it stays in the carpet, it gets the fleas’ eggs too.
    Not all exterminators carry this, but it is quite safe and effective.

  5. scout485

    Flea fogger works; safest though is a steam cleaner. Vacuum the carpet, seal the bag in another bag and toss; then use a steam cleaner with very hot water and carpet cleaner to go over the carpets. The shampoo will kill the eggs and any fleas trapped in the carpet.
    If you have no pets in the house, you can also pin a glue pad like those used for mice under an outlet and plug in a nightlight. The fleas will be attracted to the nightlight and get stuck. Can also use a shallow pan of water below the outlet, with some dish detergent dropped in to kill any fleas that hit the water. A good way to check on the overall population you have left. Shampoo every couple of weeks to kill any residual egss that survived.

  6. football gifts

    Bengal flea spray is the best thing on the market. I tried literally everything sold and nothing worked except this one. It guarantees it for several months. They come in a box of 3 “bombs”. Set one or two in each room. It does the trick.

  7. shannon5

    usually repeated “bug bombs” are need to kill any eggs that are still about. Another thing to do is to get your carpet cleaned. This helps to remove any eggs.

  8. Michael E

    There are several methods, none too cheap, Raid has a bug bomber designed for fleas indoors, but it requires you keep the room closed off limits for about 6-8 hours. They also sell a flea spray can, both Raid and Bengal, that you can spray in harder to reach areas of your house, most of these come with a guarantee to rid your house of fleas for a certain amount of time. Wal-Mart, Petsmart, and various other stores sell a powder which you can purchase to sprinkle on your carpets and pet bedding and such, also for on your animals themselves. In either case, if you live in an area that is a more natural environment for fleas (large grassy fields, heavy wooded areas, etc.) it’s a process you will usually have to take up about once a year during the warmer seasons.

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