(you can list more than one)
What do you like or dislike about these books? Why?


  1. xtainted

    My favorite dog training/behavior book is Sit Stay Fetch
    ( http://www.kingdomofpets.com/dogobedienc… )
    I bought it for my aggressive pekingnese, and i swear i dont even know my own dog! He is totally different now. I read alot of the success stories on the site, and i was sold. I give it 5 stars.
    Books I really don’t care for, are the books you can get on a specific breed like in barnes and nobles. I recently got a dashchund and was reading about them in a book at barnes and nobles after i spent a few weeks with her, and some of what they were saying was completely rediculous.
    & I loved your question!

  2. amynl

    Ceasar Milan’s “Ceasar’s Way” Is the best book that I have read on dog training. I have an 11month old Golden Retriever. When I was preparing to get her, I had read many books…How To Train Your Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever’s for dummies, etc. I wish I had read this book first!!! He is the only trainer that really understands dogs and the psychology of dog training. Some people don’t like the fact that he uses force with the dogs during training. It isn’t brut force, it’s mearly a touch, just to get their attention. Since my husband I have read his book, my dog is walking on the leash w/o pulling!!! She also gets on the treadmill. It’s amazing!!!

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    How Dogs Learn by Mary Burch and Jon Bailey is the most accurate dog behavior book available right now.
    Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor describes the philosophy of training with positive reinforcement.
    Dog Whisperer. It is misleading and very old-school dominance-based, but masked in new-age language (like training the dog using “energy”).

  4. the_most

    My favorite authors are Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson and Karen Pryor. As for least favorites? Anyone who advocates choke collars as part of training. it’s just not necessary!

  5. AmieAnn

    If you have seen my answers on any other questions it is no surprise I stand by Ceasar Milon as the ONE AND ONLY person I’ve ever seen to truly understand dogs. HE has a new book called
    Ceasars Way Check it out it is a surprisingly great read, fun, entertaing with SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE ON EVERY SUBJECT!

  6. Jackie B

    I would not reccomend the Monks of New Skeet’s books on dog training. I have seen too many cases of people who live by that book and treat there animals like trash. I would however reccomend Cesar Milans books, On Talking Terms with Dogs by Turid Rugaas. Currently i am reading Rally-O by Charles L. Kramer, it’s a new kind of training. I’m only on the second page but it couldn’t hurt to give it a look.

  7. Misa M

    If one were to only ever get one book about dogs:http://www.dogwise.com/itemdetails.cfm?I…
    This book helps to explain all of the science that’s behind positive, reward-based training – and why punishment, shock collars, and choke collars should never be used.
    I love the work that Turid Rugaas has done:http://www.dogwise.com/ItemDetails.cfm?I…
    Many people don’t think to look at training books until their dog has a problem. This book really helps people to understand their dog’s body language.
    In the same vein. Shows step-by-step how to help a fearful/aggressive dog.
    For people ready to take on a little more:http://www.dogwise.com/itemdetails.cfm?I…
    Susan Garrett’s book is not just a ‘fun read’ but also provides a detailed look at the hows and whys of training with a whackjob, nutso Border Collie. I have read and re-read this book, and often refer to it in my own training. AAA+ book.

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