My ex and I have joint custody of a dog. We started using Barkbusters ( Our dog experienced more anxiety (one of our biggest issues was separation anxiety). I had never heard the term “fear-based training”. Now I am even more confused, as is our dog.


  1. Rescuer in MD

    “Fear-based dog training” went out with the stone age. No reputable trainer would use this method today! Find a new trainer ASAP and hope they can undo the damage that has been done. Look for a trainer that uses positive reinforcement (reward-based training methods -treats,toys,clickers,etc). Your dog will respond out of a desire to please you… that is their greatest motivator. Having said that, some aversion training can be effective if positive reinforcement does not work (this explains the unseen fence, citonella collars, spritzing the barking dog with water, etc.) But FEAR is something you NEVER want your dog to feel…ever!! Find a new trainer today!!!!!

  2. karsessi

    i agree with the others. Fear-based training is a terrible method. Instilling fear in your dog makes it more likey to 1. bite you 2. have anxiety towards visitors 3. be attacked by another do who could hurt/kill it.

  3. get back an ex

    well just think about how a child would feel, if he was bad and he had to learn from somone scaring the crap out of him. its your call, but if barking is the problem, maybe fear isnt really the answer. good luck

  4. Dreamer

    Well, 90% of dog bites are a response to fear, not aggression. So do you really want to instill fear in a dog? Probably not.
    Find a new trainer ASAP.

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