We just got a new kitten and he’s about 8 weeks old. The poor thing is infested with fleas and we’ve been unable to find anything to resolve the issue. Is there a home remedy that we can use until he’s old enough to get the spot treatments? combing everyday helps a little but doesnt stop the cycle.


  1. raspberr

    get some frontline Plus from your vet or petshop. it can be used on puppies and kittens 8 weeks plus, but you must make sure you follow directions – do not over dose them.
    it will kill all ticks, fleas and their eggs.

  2. Katie

    There is a product called CAPSTAR BLUE, you can buy it at a vet office or online. It is a 24 hour pill for fleas. I give it to my cat and dogs. It is awesome!!!!!! I give the capstar blue and the frontline plus. I have NO fleas in my house or on my pets.

  3. Alicia G

    Frontline Plus is good on a kitty over the age of 8 weeks. Your kitten should be just fine with it being that he is 12 weeks old. Poor thing:( Good Luck

  4. Coolest Girl On The Planet

    Frontline spray is available from your vets. It is both safe and effective, and can be used on kittens as young as 2 days old with no problems.
    People are going to tell you to wash the kitten in dawn dish soap. Don’t do it! No point! Cats hate it getting wet. Furthermore, dish doap will only wash the fleas off, it won’t keep them away.
    Spot-ons from petshops can be dangerous even for adult cats. Frontline spot-on is actually safe for use from 8 weeks old, but since your kitten is on the borderline age I’d still use the spray version.

  5. Lizzy

    we’ve always dipped young kittens in white vinegar (rinse off with warm water!) it kills all the fleas and doesn’t harm the kittens. put cotton balls in it’s ears and make sure you don’t get vinegar in its eyes, nose, or mouth. wrap him in a towel after you’ve rinsed him off so he doesn’t get chilled.

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