We don’t know how old she is but she had ticks and monster sized fleas. The fleas are very bad and are concentrated around her head and face so that it is very hard to get with flea and tick shampoo. I know that puppies cannot use everything that adults can. She is pretty young and barely is interested in eating food yet.


  1. fisherwo

    Regardless where the fleas are, you can shampoo the area, and flush the fleas off. If she is less than 12wks, it’s not recommended to use flea repellent. Call the vet and make an appt. The dog needs it’s first exam, round of shots. You must at least use warm water, and keep rinsing her with warm water, not cold water, that can make things worse. Maybe using a comb will coax some of the fleas off. As for the ticks, they are literally sucking the blood out of your pup. No wonder it won’t eat, it’s being eaten alive itself. You need to remove the ticks, the entire thing all at once. If you leave the head, it will continue to be a problem.She is anemic, you really need a vet, yesterday!

  2. FieryDiv

    That’s terrible..
    Wash her with Dawn dish liquid, it is a home remedy which will kill the fleas but then get her to the vet for those ticks, that’s dangerous..

  3. colliefl

    give her a bath, get that stuff that keeps bugs away from the dog, or tell a vet or employee at pet store. Bathe her daily!

  4. Amanda B

    Check with your vet, fleas can kill a puppy quick..chance are she is anemic and already may need some supportive care.. this can be a emergency with a BIG E!!! is she depressed, gums pale? than it might be very well worth a trip to the vet to get her checked out..
    As far as procucts..Advantage or frontline would be my first recommedation.. safe after 7 weeks.. very non toxic..
    you can spray her bedding with a product,, let it dry.. to kill the buggers..and be safer than direct application.. one option, Flea comb them off.. best option would be to check with a vet, find the right safe product and get rid of them..
    I know it is a holiday.. but call the local emergency clinic,, if your vet is not open.. they generally would be happy to give you recommedations for approperate products for you to use.. and depending on her age, and status may very well recommend having her examined..
    Again, fleas can kill a puppy!!!

  5. RAB in Venus TX

    My favorite produce is Adams Fleas-Off Mist, but don’t get the water soluble formula. It stinks.

  6. ♥ R.I.P Spike ♥

    You seriously need to get her to the vet as soon as possible. She could get blood infections. PLEASE take her to the vet.

  7. ☆Veritas

    Take her to a vet now. She sounds like she needs good flea meds. You need to do this before they really start hurting her if they haven’t already. Fleas bite and can draw blood.

  8. Jen

    go to your local vet..they should tell you what is best for your puppy at this stage, and they will also be able to tell you the age of your puppy, good luck…

  9. Katie

    A bad case of fleas and ticks will kill a puppy. If it’s too young they need to be picked off by hand – sit by the toilet and flush frequently! Her lack of interest in food can also be from the fleas. Fleas also cause worms, and both can cause a lot of diseases. This baby needs to get to a vet asap if you want her to have a fighting chance.

  10. Anon omus

    um, theres a medicine that you put on the scruff of her neck. if the fleas are that bad you should get her to a vet. ASAP!

  11. SureKat

    You need to get your puppy to your vet ASAP and they will take of it. She should not have that many fleas & ticks on her.

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