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He’s been scratching a LOT and I found a really weird bump on his head. He walked away from me when I found it, kinda miffed I thought.
He slept on my bed and some clothes I hadn’t put up yet. Will washing everything get rid of any fleas that may be there? I wanted to have a friend sleep over but I don’t want to if the cat’s infected.


  1. Save the wolves.

    Fleas live in carpet, grass, furniture, fabric, they only go on a dog or cat to eat.
    Washing the clothes will take care of the fleas. If he was on the bed, you might want to just wash the sheets as well.
    You can get a flea bomb for the house, or get flea spray to treat the carpet and other surfaces.

  2. Chelsea Dosfadanya

    Get flea protection: flea collar works for my cat, Frontline, Etc. But don’t get anything cheap or something that only targets flea larvae. It doesn’t work and will only leave your cats fur greasy. Giving it a bath might help too, it helps you see where the biggest amounts of fleas are. Then you can do this:
    Wash your carpet, wash clothes, wash everything, etc.
    Bomb the house, fleas will die.
    Get a spray that kills fleas.
    You could also take her to the vet for a couple of days to treat the fleas and while shes there treat the fleas in your house. That way no fleas on her will spread and no fleas in the house will spread on her.
    Hope this helps!

  3. raluk

    first of all… did you check the cat for fleas? as a bump on his head means he hit something or got into a fight… you have to see the fleas or the excrements of fleas (brownish small things in its hair… mainly under the chin, behind the ears or on the face :))… try buying him a flea collar, it usually works… and about the flea spreading… you don’t have to worry about that, cats don’t do it… actually, cats are like “vacuum cleaners”… they collect all fleas, and the fleas will never leave a cat, as it has all they need… warmth, blood, skin… have who ever you want to sleep over, and don’t worry…

  4. Music Producer

    don’t worry just wash all of your clothing, in hot water, add some flea spot sergeants in the water, and get a flea collar for your cat, spray your bed, floors, and carpet. and just have fun with your company. peace out.

  5. elayne y

    get your kitty some “frontline”or other flea preperation!wash your clothes in hot wash,add a tiny drop of tea tree preperation,this will kill any lingering fleas

  6. tally.be

    get some flea protection (frontline) for your cat hoover your floors even if there floorboards they can get inbetween wash your bedding and clothes, there bites are nasty so beware!

  7. Daniella

    well first wash him thoroughly
    i use seargents
    then i used sergeants flea spot on
    & they were gone within a day!

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