Me and my son rescued these puppies out of horrible conditions, and they have fleas so bad, to the point they looked like they mulitplied over night.Is there anything at all i can do for them…


  1. Vet Tech ♥'s Christmas!

    The truth is, it is JUST as important (if not more important) to rid the environment of fleas as it is to rid your pooches of fleas. Even if one or two fleas are left in the home, your dogs will -unfortunately- continue to become infested.
    So, break out the vacuum! Vacuum all your carpeting! Throw your curtains, dog beds, pillows, etc. into the washing machine. Throughly clean everything else your dogs have come into contact with (dawn/joy detergent and a water solution will do the trick).
    Once you have cleaned your house from top-bottom it is time to clean your dogs!
    Go out and purchase Frontline Plus and apply this to all your dogs. You shoud also purchase a flea comb and manually comb out the little buggers.
    I wish you luck!

  2. oregano1

    How old are they? Many flea and tick meds are not safe for use in young puppies. Visit the vet right away, they will need vaccines anyway, they can recommend a treatment suitable for young puppies. Also, to help now, get a flea comb and a glass of water with dish soap mixed in. Comb the fleas off the pups manually and dip the comb in the water after each pass to get the fleas off the comb the soap will kill them as it prevents them from jumping out of the water using surface tension. I would do this outdoors away from the house so the ones that fall off before they hit the water don’t end up in your carpet. You may not get all of them off this way, but it will help to reduce the numbers and is totally harmless to the puppies.

  3. Help

    If the pups are 7 wks. old you can apply the Avantage once a month medication,but if you’re aren’t sure how old they are,I would suggest that you just bath them in the Dawn dishwashing liquid,this will kill the fleas.Just be sure to blow dry the puppies good with blow dryer on warm setting.

  4. gentlean

    Bring them to a vet, maybe their old enough for frontline, they will have to be weighed I was told 8 weeks is old enough, but check with Vet, don’t try anythin yourself, over the counter stuff is useless and has had some very bad results, even death, and the dips are pretty harh also, just talk to your Vet. Good Luck

  5. Chalice

    Yep easy, just pick something up from a vet – it can only be Frontline spray if they’re under 8 weeks old. You don’t have to take the pups in to pick up this stuff, but I strongly suggest you do have them checked over. Frontline spray will kill and prevent all the fleas.
    Do NOT use any flea or worm products from a pet store or any home remedies.

  6. kuhnschr

    I would get them to a vet immediately! If they have fleas that bad they are sure to have worms and possibly be infested with other parisites and you wouldn’t want your son or you to get infested as well.

  7. Jodester

    Bring them to the vet. If they were in horrible conditions they are sure to need to be checked out anyway, and a vet will be able to give you the proper product and dosage to keep them healthy and flea-safe.

  8. Claire JB!

    Hey good for you that you rescued those pups. If I were you I would get some anti flee and tic dog shampoo and also get frontline or a flee and tic coler . good luck

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