I found a pregnant dog on the streets so I took her in and she recently gave labor to six puppies. They are now 4 days old and I found fleas on them. Is there anything I can give them to kill the fleas or are they still to little? Ive heard of fleas kiling pups so I want to do whatever possible to take them off before harming them.


  1. askmewha…

    Get some Frontline spray from a pet store or a vets. The SPRAY version mind – it can be used on pups from 2 days of age. You MUST also treat the mother. You can use regular Frontline spot-on on her.
    People on here are going to tell you there’s nothing you can use, but that’s because no one on here seems aware of Frontline spray. They’re also going to tell you to just bath or comb the puppies – you could, but that’s not going to get rid of the fleas, you need to use proper treatment. And yes, fleas can kill young puppies by taking all their blood.

  2. Chalice

    Call your vet, they should carry a product you can apply to mom that will kill the fleas on the pups too. Also, you can try bathing them in a little bit of dawn dish detergent, but before you do this, check with your vet to make sure they are old enough. (I can’t remember exactly how old they need to be for this). Other than that…get the tweezers and get to picking! Be very careful not to use any over the counter flea products (shampoos, drops, sprays…) on mom as it could be toxic to the nursing pups.

  3. Brie

    Mom should fo on frontline, from the Vet to make sure she’s OK giving birth & living on the streets, she may have some problems, and you have to know her weight for frontline, ask the Vet what he would suggest for the puppies, they are to young for any treatment that I know of, but I’m sure he’s dealt with this before and will have an idea for you. Good Luck

  4. gentlean

    Never heard of Dawn dish soap but I have heard of regular Joy dish liquid soap. I can say that I have tried it and it does work. The fleas will fall off dead. Make sure not to get it in the puppy’s eyes and also make sure you use a blow dryer to dry him afterward so that it doesnt catch a cold and because its so young. The Joy dish liquid method came recommended from my vet years ago. Give the mother a bath in it also.

  5. plantemp

    Take the dogs to your local shelter. They will know how to properly treat the puppies. The fleas could kill them and so could any kind of treatment that I know of.

  6. yikesits

    You can use plain blue dawn orignal version full strength do not get in eyes. If you do rinse eye area real real well.

  7. eliza119

    use a flea comb on the puppies, dont put any chemicals on them. Makesure though that you put frontline on the mother though.

  8. can u realy call this a monster?

    Give him a good bath with dog flea shampoo, and buy a flea collar for him.

  9. Emmie

    I’d check with vet as using chemicals on mum could kill pups as my sis found the hard way with her cats.

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