I use K9 Advantix regularly but I’ve still found a tick and many fleas on my dog.The tick is no longer a problem, but I can’t seem to get rid of the fleas. What can I do? I heard of this problem many time with frontline but thats not what I use, so why is it not working?


  1. Smartphone Software

    I think just about everyone at my clinic that works there has had this problem with advantix it just doesnt seem to work. Personally I use frontline plus and it works wonders. If not frontline Id do advantage. Just be sure to wait 2-3 days if you give your dog a bath before applying either one. Most of the flea products use the oils in the body to properly work and spread throughout the pet.

  2. Wetsuit Hater

    My dogs go in the water alot and Advantage works really great. I never see fleas on them when I put it on them.

  3. Rosemary

    I’ve heard that K9 Advantix doesn’t kill flea eggs. What you can try is have the house and yard sprayed. You would have to find a way to have the dog somewhere else while this is being done. Me being me, I would also, once this is completed replace all collars, leashes and bedding that the dog has been on (including human bedding).

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