Just got her and she has fleas dont want to use chemicals that will harm her.


  1. JeN

    At our clinic we use Adam’s Flea and Tick spray; we spray a good dose on a hand towel and then wrap the kitten like a burrito (head exposed of course) for 2-3 minutes twice a day. This will minimize fleas on the kitten without harming her. When the kitten is 8 weeks old you can start her on Frontline.

  2. ricecat

    i found my stray 6 week old kitten full of fleas as well!
    warm water and natural soap (or childrens shampoo) with a flea comb will do the trick!
    soak your kitten in the warm soapy water and comb gently. the soap will kill the fleas and you’ll see them in the water. this is gross, but you have to make sure all the fleas are dead in the water before you drain. this takes a while, but if you don’t do this they will climb back up the drain!
    also, vacuum like crazy to get all the loose fleas out of your house!
    i still found a couple about 3 days later, but i continued this regimen for about 2 weeks and haven’t seen a flea since!

  3. Thomas Hoefter

    Get them to the vet, I don’t think there is anything safe for them that young. Even Advantage can’t be applied until they are 8 weeks. Kittens can actually die from fleas, they don’t have alot of blood and can become anemic if the fleas get bad enough, so I would get them to a vet ASAP.
    You can also give them a bath, but use something safe like Dawn. Make sure to keep the soap out of the kittens eyes and use a flea comb to help get them out.

  4. JC

    Yes, you shouldnt use any chemical treatment on kittens under 12 weeks of age. For now just try to pick out the fleas that you see with your fingers or a nit comb.

  5. Natalie

    we had the same problem, even tho the kitten should be with its mum until 8 weeks old. we got some special medicated shampoo from the vets as the drops are to strong for a baby kitten. try getting in contact with your vet im sure they will be happy to help. also go thru your kitten with a human head lice comb and any fleas caught put in a tub of hot water and get rid of down the drain/toilet.

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