What can you do when you’ve asked the apartment complex to spray for fleas and they don’t? Other people have complained and they are BAD. The fleas are so bad that when I take my dog outside my door to pee and then we come right back in we both have tons of fleas all over us. A few days ago I had 14 fleas all over my legs and a couple on my shirt. It HURTS when they bite. Isn’t this a health hazard? Can you get diseases from flea bites?


  1. sweetcyp

    They can use nematodes to control the flea problem. Here’s an excellent article: http://www.alt4animals.com/flea.htm.
    If fleas are such a problem it is a health problem and you can probably complain to the city if the managers of your complex won’t listen. There are very effective natural flea control methods, the fleas can be controlled without spraying chemicals.
    I have used a mixture of baking soda, salt, and a little boric acid brushed into my carpets for years and it completely controls our fleas (along with monthly treatments of advantage– I haven’t found anything natural that is as effective on the pets). If I miss a while with the advantage, the cats fleas might multiply, but there are none around the house.
    The article above says that boric acid has a low toxicity and that is partially true. Once it is brushed into carpets it’s harmless, but the dust can be harmful to pets and they shouldn’t be allowed near any room your treating until the powder has been well brushed into the carpet. It should never be used around food or water.
    I was lulled into thinking boric acid is harmless after using it successfully for a long time. I used it in a room with young kittens without removing them. We lost three before I figured out they were poisoned. Taking the survivors out of the room, they recovered within a day.

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