anyone know how to get rid of fleas without spending a fortune on sprays ? any common household chemicals that work ?


  1. frenchki

    first, vacuum each and every corner of your house, air all beddings. borax is good. sprinkle them on the carpet or sofa and let them sit there for a few hours and then vacuum. do as often as every other day and then every week.
    boil cut up lemon, let it stand overnight. put it in a spray bottle and spray as often as you can around the house.
    teatree oil is also a repellant. but they are a bit pricey.
    a good anti flea spray for the house from the chemists will cost a wee bit but it should be effective for at least 6 months.
    make sure you treat your dog as well. washing him regularly, like once a month will kill some fleas already. apply frontline once a month. for cats, just apply frontline.
    fleas lay their eggs in dark places, so be sure to air and let the sunshine in regularly in your house or flat.

  2. Paul

    or you can take a shallow pan, and fill it about a half-inch with water, and mix in a little bit of dish-soap. then, place a lit candle in the middle of the dish. the fleas jump towards it because they think it’s a warm animal, and they land in the water-soap mixture which dehydrates them, and kills them.

  3. sarahsmi

    Sea salt. Buy a bunch and cover your carpet, leave it for a couple hours (it makes the fleas explode) then vacuum it all up. That’s also the safest to use if you have children around. Or you could just go buy some bombs, they’re usually not very expensive, you just have to make sure you have a place to go all day.

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