1. duckie07

    personally i wouldn’t take my dog there, at least to the one in my area. the lady is “qualified” and thinks that every time i go in there for food with my dog that she is “small for her age” i have a rottie who is a little over a year and she weighs 75 pounds… the lady always makes comments about really dumb stuff too
    i would look for more options

  2. Mutt for the Truth

    Puppy Class – Leash manners, moving through crowd, sit, stay, come, spin, proper greetings, leave it, drop it, take it, and troubleshooting as well as socialization.
    Beginner Class – same as puppy but for older dogs.
    Intermediate Class – Stay with more distractions (noises, people going by, you turning your back and walking away), come with distractions (toy on floor, people), through a hoop (and a few other tricks), increase stay time.
    Advanced – Canine Good Citizen stuff (like handling, brushing, greeting other dogs/people, etc), more distractions and distance, more time added to stay, drop (to belly when walking), a few more tricks.
    It may be different depending on the store – this is a rundown of what WE learned. They are great classes if you have the right trainer, but are not for behavior problems (aggressions, extreme fear, etc.)

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